Saturday, December 12, 2009

why didn't anyone warn me babies don't sleep in hotels?? (and a prize is offered at the bottom!)

so right now we are here:

where ben is attending a psychology conference and the kids and i are supposed to be out and about on our "vacation."

however leah and mother nature teamed up to make some different plans.

instead of doing ANY of this:

she has chosen to do this:

and the weather has been like this:

instead of what we had hoped to be more like this:
(i will interject here to say that right now the worst feeling in the world is sleep deprivation combined with having the bottom of my jeans wet while walking barefoot around the hotel room. ugh.)

which is leaving me a, a this:

when i would rather be feeling like this:

after much research on what to do to help a baby sleep easier in a hotel room, last night i found a solution.

leah slept the whole night through without a peep. it is still raining and the bottom of my jeans are still dripping, but one out of two isn't bad, right?

so to spread some much-needed vacation-turned-hellacious-3-days-and-back-again cheer, i am offering up a special surprise to the first person who can answer correctly what i used to help her sleep. (only one per comment but you can guess more than once if you'd like to)

this is no joke! the surprise is fun!

so take a guess, give it your best shot.

what would you do in an act of desperation to get your baby to sleep?

and since tomorrow and the 2 days after that we will be here:

i will be checking back probably wednesday or thursday to see if anyone has guessed it right.

good luck!!

and cross your fingers for me that this is, in fact, the happiest place on earth. and that they have a magical room where moms can nap all day long while the dads get to take the kids and stand in lines. :)


Fawn Becker said...


lynsey said...

lol, yes fawn. WHISKEY! and i'm fully admitting it on my blog to have CPS come and whisk my children away. that might be fun for a night or two of good rest, but after that i would miss them too much.

ps-didn't michael jackson call that jesus juice?

pss-put in a real vote so you can get the prize! it's cute!

Wheat Family said...

You covered the whole crib with a blanket so she couldn't see out and it was completely dark. *but she could still breathe :)

And have FUN in Disneyland!!

Brooke said...

You turned on the fan in the bathroom-made a bed on the floor or moved the playpen in there if it fit and closed the door. Due to the white noise of the fan, she slept like a baby :) don't know if that worked for you but it sure has worked for us more than a few times :) Have fun in Disneyland. brooke gilchrist

Haiku Amy said...

You prayed for a miracle, and then bought some earplugs.

lynsey said...

these are all good answers (and yes amy, we did pray! :)

brooke so far you're the closest!

Rachel H. said...

You put her in the bathtub to sleep!???


Sleep Coach said...

I love your sense of humour and your pics.
So, I am wracking (sp?) my brain trying to figure it out. You both slept on the bathroom floor with the water running and the fan going to create even more white noise? When my son was 4 and half months old and we were in a Hotel, I tried something similar. The next day, I walked and walked and walked exhausted so he would sleep in his stroller while my husband conducted his business meetings. It was a nightmare of a trip, but at the end of the day, the best for our family as we found some solid sleep solutions that changed our lives when we got home.I hope you continue to get some good sleep and wishing you a lot of fun in disneyland!

Fawn Becker said...

You made her sleep in the hallway??

lynsey said...

no one has guessed it yet! for some reason i thought this would be easier...but keep on guessing. the prize has a disney theme and the answer is really pretty easy.

here's a hint:

some form of white noise.

ohmylanta said...

TV fuzz!!

or one of those fantastical noise machines. We have one of those at my house because my niece is a very light sleeper. (no one wants to get up at five am with her)

BTW - I was going to guess background noise even before I read all the comments. Just so you don't all think I got the upper hand ;)

Joel and Carrie said...

I love the narrative with pictures!

Hmmm...does Small World have anything to do with it? That song is white noise to me. :)

Marci Ward said...

Did you turn the blow dryer that comes in the room on low and just let it run all night? I can not think of anything else that makes noise in the room?

ohmylanta said...


just got your message on my blog. Loved it! If you lived in Boise I would drag you along to choir every Tues. She has a women's choir and they are amazing. I know the women come every week because they have a deep love of music and want to feel it's edifying effects weekly. Maybe there is a group like that in AZ. You are obviously a talented vocalist. Is singing in the shower all you need? ;)