Friday, February 19, 2010

a late valentine's night out

it started with these...

(which hasn't happened since...ummmm, 2006)

and ended here...

we had such a good time talking, laughing, and dipping dipping dipping.

it was our 3rd date in 2 years and what we have lacked in quantity, we made up for with quality.
(not that i recommend this pattern for other couples. it's good to have frequent one-on-one time and it's something that we are recommitting to make a priority.)

while we were getting ready to go, caleb was asking us what "dates" were and when he would be able to go on them. we talked about him being 16 and then eventually marrying someone who he dated a lot.

as we walked out the door, caleb yelled to me,

"have fun with your husband, mom!"

and i did.

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The Pyne's said...

oh lynsey, how i've missed you!!!! you guys seriously live the LIFE!! that's an incredibly awesome date you guys had, and even better.....the melting pot!!! I didn't realize yhey had that in AZ. anywo, I could seriously eat up that little leah of yours, and those pig cute is that!!! I too have the issue of NO PRIVACY. seriously, what do they think we are, open to the public 24-7?!?! =)

and caleb just sounds like a little smarty!!! you guys are the BEST parents ever and are going to have incredibly smart, talented, gorgeous children!!!!

speaking of gorgeous, you look FANTABULOUS!!!! have you been working out?!?! you look great. ben on the other hand has a small wool sheep on his face....what's up with that???? Is it cold in AZ...I think not!!!! anywo, hope you guys are good!! =)