Wednesday, February 24, 2010

there are times when...

after my kids are in bed, i am often caught reading posts like these, and crying.

it is hard to read of others' suffering, especially when it comes to beautiful babies like layla, being stricken with something that is beyond anyone's control.

i pray for this little baby girl who has been so strong and fought such a good fight, and who is quite possibly losing this battle. i pray for her parents, and her sisters and others who surround her who try to make sense of an enormously un-sensible situation.

and i pray for myself. to have no regrets with my children. to enjoy each moment, instead of counting the minutes until nap time, quiet time, bedtime. to enjoy their soft, slobbery kisses a little more. to play with them and spend time with them all day long and remember that they are a direct gift from God who has given me the blessing of being their mother.

off to spend time with them:


ohmylanta said...

Oh.... that is just devastating! I have read through her posts for about an hour and I think I better stop if I want to get on with my afternoon tearless. I can't imagine anything more horrible. When I was 17, I watched this very thing happen to the little girl next door. I hope I never have to endure anything so painful!

I think I'm with you.......I'm going to go hug my kids more!

Rachel H. said...

While I am so sad for people like that (it seems like there are so many stories lately!!) I am grateful in a sense for their open thoughts and the chance to realize all these things before something bad happens to me. Thanks for sharing this...truly makes you think, huh?

ohmylanta said...

Lyns, Thanks so much for your comment. You really did get me thinking and I appreciate it so much. It's always helpful to know that someone close to you understands you.

I almost left you a "YOU TURKEY" comment for posting this depressing story. But then I got to thinking about what an inspiring story this actually is. This is REAL life and it's amazing how many lives Layla can impact through her experiences.

I am the type of person that REALLY internalizes other people's problems. I worry and worry for them.... and for my family as well. Which is exactly why my hubby doesn't share any news stories with me anymore. But truthfully, you helped me to realize that my babe's struggle could be any number of things. I shouldn't jump to the worst case scenario.

However, I did get on the phone this morning with some doctor's offices. (Offices with lame-o workers that apparently need four days to fax a paper). I told them that their lack of efficiency had set me back five days already. Why make a baby wait two more weeks when they just barely made it through the last two weeks? jeesh.... it's so irritating. They seemed to catch my drift and set her up for Monday morning. I'll keep you posted.

I do appreciate the info - at least now I can go in with a list of concerns and he can narrate me through the process of elimination.

I know I need to exercise more faith. Isn't that what gets us through all the crazy ups and downs we often face?! Thanks for your fantastic suggestions. You're fabulous!