Sunday, February 28, 2010

what is it with my kids and birthday cake??

caleb, 2006

leah, 2010

even after giving them a taste (against their will) neither of them "got into it."

he ended up in tears...

she ended up sharing.

with the next kid i'm thinking we might just give them a cucumber and let them go to town,
since that's what both caleb and leah wanted anyway.

it's times like these that i have to remind myself that they are in fact my children, when evidence like cake-eating points to the contrary.

luckily they both provided me with lots of leftover goodness.
and that's really what it's mostly about anyway, isn't it?


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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday little Leelee! Or should we call her LeeLay to shorten her first & middle? It doesn't really matter - we could call her "poo on a stick" and she would still be the most adorable thing on the planet.

I can't believe she's 1. I'm just stunned remembering how teeny tiny she was when I first met her almost a year ago and what a gorgeous little chunkalunk she has turned into! That bow in her hair is so precious, but even better is the hat because I like how the band squishes her chin chub.

Great photos, both old and new!