Thursday, February 18, 2010

a purposeful babelet??

well this is like the 20th posting i've done of leah. and i have other things to write about, but today was like "rite of passage day" in every little girl's life. bare with me.

okay, so.

after months of waiting...and calling her


baldy mcbalderson,

mr. clean,

(in earlier, more hair-free days...5 months old)

leah finally has some hair.

(which by the way ben takes complete credit for. granted, he is the one who started brushing her bald noggin nightly after her bath, and he feels this is what stimulated the hair follicles. or something like that...ask him about it. i'm sure he'll tell you.)


it's taking longer for the top to catch up to the back. most of the time she kind of resembles mr. stutz, my 7th grade science teacher, who had a combover that was out of this world.

exhibit A:

notice the side swipe? mr. stutz should have patented that little move. he could be a billionaire by now.

and here is the closest thing i have to the back of her hair, even though it's more of a side shot.

exhibit B:

i have to be honest here, and hope i don't offend the masses.

but i am NOT a fan of the baby mullet. i will call it the "babelet." and i haven't been a fan for years. it doesn't seem to matter how darling the face can be in front of the party in the back, i just can't get on board with it.

so my idea was to give her a little hair cut in the back, just enough so that it wouldn't hang over the back of her collars and stuff. giving the top a fighting chance in the race to the finish.

however, ben was completely against the idea.

like whoo doggy! AGAINST.

he was so dramatic about it that he could have physically thrown himself over her head of hair, yelled out "take me instead!" and i wouldn't have been surprised.

cutting this little girl's hair??? after it's taken so long to grow??? i should be ashamed!!

so i backed down. gritted my teeth, tried to calm down her flying hair when it drove me nuts and i saw visions of this little family swimming in my head:

but then today? i may have seen a little bit of the "mullet light."

because after about twenty minutes of trying to figure out what in the world i was even doing, i came up with a semi-finished product of how to work around the "babelet."

and here's the debut:

yes, they look more like upside down pigtails. and yes the back looks horrendous. but like i said, it took me 20 minutes and a whole lot of distracting her to stop pulling it out or arching her back while simultaneously yelling at me.

and it worked...for a few minutes. but at least i saw a hope of what could be.

i'm not sure yet that i'm entirely convinced. the pigtails are cute, but i also like the idea of a cute little round pixie-head until there's enough hair to go around.

any thoughts on the babelet??


Brandon and Emily said...

I love the pigtails. They are adorable, just like Leah.

Rachel Chick said...

Oh, I am completely against the baby mullet. I am always quick to chop the back as the top grows into itself. I do so love the piggy tails though. If you just keep at it, she'll eventually learn to not pull them out. I've met parents that talk about how they can't get their girls to leave anything in their hair, but I say, Just make it tighter!! :) LOL! And if not, just cut it while he's at school . . . he probably won't even notice. :)

Fawn Becker said...

I my gosh those are the cutest little piggy tails!!!!

janine said...

i too, am completely against the mullet!!! with maryn, i would just trim the back into a little bob every once in a while until the rest of the hair caught up and then it all grew together like a dream.

Kira said...

So funny! The baby mullet is something we are going through right now too. I went to go cut it off and Cole was so protective of Kate's longer growing hair, I didn't cut enough off (I can still pull it into a pony). The Piggies are very cute on Leah.

Shellee said...

SOO cute. And wow does she look more and more like Caleb everyday? I think the top baby hairs are always more stubborn to grow. I might ever so slightly suggest letting the babelet go with those adorable pig tails, and just "trimming" any exceptionally long strands. When Ben is at work/school of course. Because if her hair is anything like Halle's, it may take until she is three to have the top fill in.

Erika said...

HA HA HA HA! Oh man that mullet family picture killed me!!! So my little baby's hair is getting SO long and yes, he does have a mullet, and I was all about chopping Carter's hair from like 5 months on, but for some reason I can't do it to Logan and it needs it SOOOOOO bad. It goes over his ears, all his collars. Sigh. And I can't give HIM pigtails (Leah looked adorable). So I may have to cut it soon so that family picture does not haunt me either!

Anonymous said...

I'm the wrong person to offer advice about this for two reasons:

1 - I adore my little Leah Layne, no matter what her hair looks like. You could shave the words "Snoop Dog" into the back of her head and I would think she is the most gorgeous thing to ever stand on two chubby little legs.

2 - Did you see Gabby's hair at this age? She had MASSES of it and it was EVERYWHERE and I did a horrible job controlling it. I have major regret about this because I'm pretty sure she'd have been discovered as a baby model and would be on her way to Little Miss Pretty Pants stardom by now if I had only done her hair properly. Snort.

But seriously, in my opion it's all about the bangs. It doesn't matter what's going on in the backyard if your frontyard looks like poo. So focus on that and I think you'll do just fine.