Friday, April 2, 2010

excited for...

4 sessions of spiritually-enriching conference
after mr. c's first soccer game

3 easter egg hunts

with our fun friends

2 faces that i love

which will no doubt be over-photographed

and 1 fantastic weekend.

happy easter!


Rachel H. said...

What a wonderful weekend you have planned! Hope it's the BEST! Happy Easter/conference weekend!

Joel and Carrie said...

Happy Easter cute family!!!

Jen said...

Thanks so much Lynsey! We have had a rough couple of weeks. I am going to watch out for your mom. Afton is in the PICU right now. I just went to the NICU to try and find Lindsey, but they are already gone, which is great news for them. So, we will be here a while, so I will hopefully get to meet your mom! :) Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers and support!

S and RA Beazer said...

Happy Easter to some of my favorite people, with adorable children.