Tuesday, February 15, 2011

dear caleb,

my favorite 5-almost-6-year old boy!  i love walking you to the gate at school everyday where you still want to give me a kiss good-bye, and then take off at full speed, usually roaring or making some loud noise as you go through the gate to go and play with your friends.  i love picking you up, where you run to me, so excited, and jump into my arms and then immediately start chattering about all of the adventures of your time away.  

i love that you are an "old soul" and want to know how things work in a grown-up way.  you have always been such a thinker, and analyze and consider everything.

i love how kind you are to your sister, even when she looks at you like you're a piece of steak and chases you around the room, trying to scratch you.  i love that you never fight back, and never take advantage of being bigger than her.  i love that you have always been gentle with others.

i love how you obey, i notice the small things like being able to leave your leapster in your room all week long and knowing that because i said that you only get to play it at certain times, i can trust that you're going to leave it where it is and not sneak and try to play it.  or i never have to worry about you sneaking candy when you're not supposed to have it, or getting into trouble when you're left on your own during quiet time.  you have such an honest heart and i love that so much about you.

i love your chipmunk giggle, especially when you're tired and it's out of control.

i love that you are happy when you wake up, happy during the day and happy when you go to bed.  i love that you are kind to others.  i love that you still pick me flowers.  i love when you sing with me.  i love especially when you sing the instrumental parts of songs, it makes me laugh and reminds me of myself.  i love when you make up jokes.  i love watching you read books to leah.  

i love hearing your prayers.  you say the most thoughtful things in your prayers, always remembering those who are sick or need extra help, and remind me to be more thoughtful with mine.

i love listening to your thoughts, and all of the facts that you store in your head, and the way that you figure out math and can read so easily and spell words.  i am always amazed at how smart you are, and often get to feel like an idiot having to google search the types of dinosaurs you tell me about.

i love that you adore your dad, and want to grow up to be just like him.  you couldn't have chosen a better hero.

i love that you love rock & roll music and will spontaneously bust into some of the funniest dance moves i have ever seen when music comes on.

i love your beautiful eyes, your dimples, your smile.  even when you have candy in your teeth.

i love that even when things are hard for you physically, or you're afraid to try, that you can come and talk to me and then you go out and do your best.

i love that you love healthy food, and can chow down on a bowl of salad faster than i can.

i love that you have a strong spirit, but somehow are still so sweet.

i love that you are still innocent in the way that you think and feel, and know that it is only a matter of time before that changes.

thank you for these last 5 years, you have taught me so much as i can see myself through your eyes.  you are such a good boy.  i am so proud of all that you have come through and that you still have such an enormous love of life.

love, your mom.

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Brooke said...

You have one of the noble and great ones! What a precious little man! Sent to an amazing family.