Wednesday, February 16, 2011

dear leah,

my almost 2 year old baby girl.  i think that life without you around would be pretty boring for caleb and i at home.  you keep us laughing and exasperated at times, but you're always a joy to be around.  

i love that you wake up so happy, singing and playing in your crib.  i love listening to you for a few minutes before coming in your room to get you up.  i love hearing you sing "ABC's" and "i love to see the temple" "ode to joy" and your new favorite, "moonshadow."  i love that you request me to sing it to you all of the time.

i love that when i do come into your room, you say, "hey mommy!  what's up?" as you reach for me to pick you up.

i love that you are seemingly fearless, except when it comes to any flying insect.  even then you will stand stoically and yell, "SHOO FLY SHOO FLY SHOO FLY!"

i love that you still adore the bath and could stay in the water for hours.  i love that you are the perfect mix of girlie-girl and tomboy, wandering around outside for long periods of time in your princess shoes and adorned in "pretties," while throwing dirt all over your face and hair.

i love the way you tuck your hand under my chin whenever i pick you up.

i love that you call any kid your age "friend" and immediately walk over to them and say, "hi friend!" i love that i have to trick you into bedtime because otherwise it turns into a long game of hide-and-go-seek and usually ends in you throwing a tantrum.  i love that you like to hide in the closet in all of your dad's dress shirts, or downstairs in the curtains.

i love hearing you say prayers.

i even love your stubborn, sassy side.  i love that you test boundaries and are constantly pushing me to see if i will be consistent with the rules, because it means that you trust me enough to follow-through and take care of you. 

i love your lisp (lithp) and hope that you always have it, even when you're 25.

i don't especially love having to chase you around the backyard when it's time to come in, mainly because you usually end up squeezing yourself into the most disgusting place you can find....that little corner between the cement wall and the nasty garbage can.  but i do love that as i have to move the garbage can to get you, i can hear you giggling and squealing in excitement.

i love that when you giggle a certain way, you get the hiccups, just like me.

i love that you want to do whatever it is that your big brother is doing.  and i love when you will spontaneously give him hugs because it shows that you do love him, despite all of the times you like to scratch and pinch him.  i love how you call him "caycub brudder" and how when he leaves the room you yell, "CAY-CUB BRUDDER, COME BACK HERE!"  and then run to find him.

i love that you adore your dad, and that you are the only girl in the world he will sit down to have a long tea party with. 

i love that you love to read books, all of the time.  and that you memorize your favorites so that you can read them to yourself when no one else can.

i love that when you are sick you'll let me rock you to sleep.

i love your long, crazy hair that makes you look a little like thing 1 and thing 2 from the cat in the hat, especially when you run.

i love your perfectly shaped red lips, your dimples and round cheeks, your olive skin that stays brown all year, the color of your hair and your big brown eyes.  and i love love love your chubby legs.

i will always think you are beautiful, no matter what size, shape, hair color or career you choose.

thank you for reminding me to slow down and enjoy my mornings with you, that the time i have with you is priceless, and will quickly change.  thank you for coming to our family, and i hope you'll always know how much your dad, brother and i love you.

love, your mom.

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Brenda said...

This was sweet to read, Lyns. I'm proud of you and love you. You have a wonderful gift for writing. What a special little girl Leah is...and she has a special Mommy & Dad. Love, Pap