Wednesday, February 9, 2011

make sure you're sitting down.

just in case you can't believe your eyes, i will verify what you're looking at.

valentine's day decorations.

for the first time.

in 8 years.

it looks like doily hearts have thrown up in our house.

and i like it.


Fawn said...

I love it!! So festive Lynsey Lou :)

Megan said...

I love it! You are adorable. Send some V-day love over!

Toby and Tammy said...

I LOVE Valentine's Day (and I'm not much of a romantic)! And I love to decorate for all holidays.

Don't check out my blog--Valentine's decor and craft crap has thrown up all over. :) I got carried away.

Hope you're house starts feeling better.

S and RA Beazer said...

I love it.