Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"he almost cheated on me with the apple man"

is a sentence i have been able to say in my head twice in one week. our lovely computer, which has had zero problems in about 4 years (and was bought as a hand-me-down from ebay) decided to spontaneously combust. twice.

first the charger, but that wasn't a huge deal, just more of a hassle to have to wait for its arrival in the mail.

then friday night, it was like our dishwasher & laptop had a conversation together & said, "let's see how much we can stress these people out." the dishwasher flooded & since it was on a weekend (of course), couldn't be fixed until yesterday morning. a few hours after the dishwasher explosion, the laptop went on the fritz. they were totally in cahoots, i am convinced.

ben made a run into the apple store on saturday morning, the techy said he fixed charge. ben actually said the words,

"alan, if i weren't a straight man, i would have kissed you on the mouth."

i am sure alan was grateful that his horn-rimmed glasses could hide some of the relief in his eyes that, indeed, ben is a straight man.

it worked for about 24 hours, then late sunday night went out again.

aside from me being ready to explode, this is ben's week of midterms. i can't tell you how many prayers i said on sunday night when the laptop fell apart for the second time...while i was the one working on it.

i knew ben was getting up at 5am to finish his paper. i worked on fixing it until 1am, putting every positive thought out into the universe until finally my cynicysm gave way and my "secret" turned into barely audible curse words. i didn't want to waken anyone with my profanity.

when nature called at 4am, i got back up with a renewed sense of hope. but no, at 4:45 i went back to bed with all hopes dashed. i heard ben rustling around and came out to tell him the bad news. of course he was a lot nicer to me than i would have been to him if the tables were turned. that is just the way it is in our marriage, he always amazes me with his patience.

blah, blah, blah, here we finally are with a working computer again. and luckily we didn't have to replace the whole thing, just the failing hard drive. the new and improved apple man did a 24 hour turnaround and charged about $100 less than the guys from the store.

again, grateful that ben is a straight man because i'm sure this guy would have gotten more than a credit card swipe.

so now i am like 2 weeks behind on blogs & feeling overwhelmed with all the catastrophies that have gone on in the past couple of days.

to top it off...

because i'm sure you didn't get enough of my whining.

i had my doctor's appt today. BP was elevated even more, i had to lay down for a good 25 minutes on that awesomely uncomfortable table in the room, swishing around on that piece of sanitary tissue paper. the BP went down a little bit & then i got "the check" from the doctor.

i'm sure you all know how awesome it feels to have your doctor say to you,

"your cervix is so high it's basically up in your throat."

and i'm thinking, well no wonder i started gagging as you reached around up there.

she had said she could medically induce me due to the elevated BP & history of caleb's birth, but that my body just isn't ready yet.

so tomorrow i get to go into the hospital to have some jelly squirted in me to see if that can get things going. TMI? oops. come on now, i shared that i have stretch marks. surely jelly can't be traumatizing. i have to wait for an hour at the hospital to see if anything changes, then go home & go back to the dr. on friday morning.

remember how i said ben is in the middle of midterms? have i mentioned we only have one car? okay, i will stop. just a lot of juggling going on here.

plus i have heard the jelly isn't that effective, but at this point that is all she is offering. so i guess i'll take what i can get & go from there.

it's been quite a week & i think more than anything it just leaves me feeling really unprepared for this baby. i don't like that feeling. i wanted to feel in control, prepared, and able to practice my lamaze breathing for an hour every night. well not that extreme, but just a little R & R would be nice.

at least caleb has seriously been the best boy ever & that has been a blessing. okay, i am off to bounce around on my exercise ball.

ps-tammy, i just got your package yesterday....THANK YOU!! those burp cloths are to die for! and i love the blanket! you are so have something offical coming in the mail as soon as i can find my stamps. :)

pss-rachel c., thank you too!!! caleb goes to sleep with the 2 whales, takes baths with the whales, goes swimming with the whales. he has named them suki & sam. and i love the socks! they are almost too nice to let the baby even wear, i want to just keep them wrapped up in their cute packaging.

i must say, i love my friends & family.


Rachel Chick said...

Hooray! I'm so glad that you liked the socks! I think they are the most adorable things EVER! Okay, well except for the babies themselves . . . I guess. :) LOL! My sister gave me some with Elsie and I got a million trillion comments on them - I hope that you love them! And I'm glad that Caleb likes the killer whales! They are some of my girls favorite toys and when you mentioned Caleb throwing a fit at . . . some office about the killer whales, I couldn't resist! Sorry that I never emailed you to tell you that I was sending something - my brain went on the fritz!
I'm glad that your computer is back up again --- I always miss hearing your wonderful thoughts. Good luck with the "jelly"! :)

Rachel H. said...

You are too funny Mrs. Strader. :) I am so glad you got your cmputer fixed...numerous times. :) I guess if the romance ever goes between you and the hubby, all you need to do is become a techy!

Good luck with the baby stuff!! My sister had her baby the same day she got that gel stuff...not to worry you...just know, it CAN and does work sometimes. :)Can't wait to see the new little one!!

Shellee said...

Ummm- I don't think the jelly goes on your belly....

Randrea said...

I will be thinking of you during our prayers with Ben's midterms and your baby coming and all of that. I wanted to leave a comment on a couple of posts down for the one where you wrote about not wanting to go through labor...I loved that post! You put into words exactly how I felt before giving birth to Bennett! I talked to my doctor about the What to Expect When You're Expecting book because it was scaring the crap out of me and she told me not to read it anymore! Doctor's orders...:)

K Harker said...

Oh oh, I can't wait to see this baby of yours! I hope all goes well and you are ready for her to come.
I love the Tech story, Ben you are too funny! It's a good think he's straight right?!

Debbie said...

So fun to get caught up with you. You make me laugh as always. What a fabulous way to cope with life - sarcasm and humor. You keep me entertained. Midterms and babies - you've got your very capable and talented hands full! Good luck.