Monday, February 9, 2009

the doctor is in the house

since ben has gotten into his psychology doctorate program, he has been warned that he will start diagnosing everyone he knows. well it's already happening & we are only 5 months in. he diagnosed one of his fellow students with asperger's, diagnosed strangers with depression & bipolar disorder, etc.

so we were watching t.v. where two army veterans were attending a 9/11 tribute at ground zero. one said to the other, "i don't like loud noises & i don't like these crowds, they make me nervous."

ben immediately says, "oh they are showing clear signs of post traumatic stress disorder. they need therapy."

so i say, "dr. strader, you're diagnosing everyone."

to which he replies,
"i just diagnosed you with mental retardation and judgemental disorder."

this is going to be a loooooong 4 years.


Dana Broderick said... guys crack me up! Of course you realize Lynsey are going to be diagnosed with everything in the book by the time he's done with school! When I was in abnormal phsyc I kept thinking "that's me!" lol :)(but on a smaller scale than the actual diagnoses) Ben is going to be such a great therapist. If he can butter everyone up like he did that waitress the other night, he'll have loads of patients. :)

Doug and Tiff said...

lol!! that is hillarious!! that would be fun hearing all of his dianosis' of everyone!! keep 'em coming!!

The Johnson's said...

Ben doesn't have to be in school to diagnose anyone. LOL to you both and am so glad that you guys crack us up at work. We love getting on your blog. Hope you are ok with me posting your blog to mine. Miss you tons.

Tami said...

He is so funny! That totally made me laugh. Wonder what he'll think up next? I really love your blog. You always think of the best things to write about.

Ben said...

Don't let Ben read our blog. I don't need someone with a working knowledge of psychologic disorders diagnosing my kids with ADHD quite yet. I think I'm allowed to live in denial until they are at least 12.