Sunday, February 8, 2009

confessions of a boring pregnant lady

so for the online show, i'm supposed to be taping these at-home confessionals where i expose my deepest, darkest innermost secrets. not really. but i am supposed to talk about things...kind of like i do on my blog...but everytime i turn on the camera i totally freeze up. and when i say freeze, i mean stammer like a fool and then start giggling like an idiot and then eventually have to just turn it off.

last night i had ben sit with me and talk with me on camera to try to loosen up but even that made me feel awkward. less awkward, but still awkward.

i just don't know what to say!

and then of course, the opportune times for some good footage...such as caleb's 45 minute meltdown where he threatened to run away about a million times...i don't jump on & then think about it after the fact.

maybe i'm just not cut out for this stuff. yikes, should have thought about how boring i actually am before i agreed to be on the show.

anyone have any great ideas??


Clancy In Idaho said...

That sounds like a job for girlfriends. You need some girlfriends to come and talk about pregnancy with you.

I can't imagine it would be an easy task. I must say i don't envy...

Clancy In Idaho said...

Just thought of something. This being your... second baby, are you more nervous for the actual "labor" portion or recovery since you know what's going on this time?

I have three now and I got more nervous each time. That is actually a major factor in not having another one because I remember now... labor is not fun. (although, I am a non-epidural-birth kind of girl, so maybe that's why)

Francis and Fawn Becker said...

So fun! I behaved like a strange deer in the headlights when the camera was here for your shower so I cannot even imagine what it feels like everyday.

Tui Family said...

Hmmm...unfortunately I don't have any good suggestions, but let me tell you. You are NOT a boring person! I'm sure everyone watching will be entertained! lol Love ya Lyns! Hang in there! =)