Wednesday, June 30, 2010

bored time = fort time

last week i made the mistake of remarking to ben that i was grateful that our kids hadn't been legitimately sick in quite a long time.... cut to caleb barfing his guts out starting at 7am this morning.

so while i clean up, disinfect and console the poor lad i thought i'd showcase some pictures that ben took of the kiddos last week when we built yet another fort in our apartment.

why so many forts, you ask?

well it's hotter than the devil's eardrum here, so no playing outside....even if we wanted to play outside, we don't have a yard and i'm tired of having to take on the role of "poop patrol" so my kids don't step in our neighbors' dogs poop....we took a break from swimming lessons for two weeks....we're watching a whole lot less of t.v. here to bring in more family interaction and avoid the temper tantrums that erupt whenever we have to turn it off....we can only do so many art projects...

and we're BORED, um 'kay?

{this is where our family/friends in UT can feel happy that their indoor days are over & ours have just begun. enjoy it, friends. you've earned it!}


M+J=K3+E said...

Isn't it amazing how a fort can keep them occupied for hours :) Too cute!

Jules said...

your kids are adorable!

Andrea said...

Your house is the kinda house I would have given my right arm to live in as a kid. So so fun. And something that your kids will always remember!

Anonymous said...

Just the other day Jude was complaining about how the temp. had gone over 90 and how absolutely unbearable the heat was making his life.

I told him that it's 115 at Caleb's house.

That shut him up fast.

Then I told him that God gave us heat so that we can be grateful when it's nice and cool. So to sit by the AC vent, hush up, and be grateful.

I'm thinking a fort would've been a more "supermom-like" solution, but what can I say? I should read your blog more often! :)

luv ya,