Wednesday, June 9, 2010

swimming part 2: action shots


The Pyne's said...

wow, your kids actually like the water?!?!?! Conner had a REALLY hard time in swimming lessons and actually didn't really learn ANYTHING!!! Which kinda ticks me off. I paid $50 for him to go and play in the pool with toys and that was IT!!!!! It could have something to do with a bunch of high school swim team kids were the ones instructing and we had an indoor pool, which actually kinda sucked!! anywho, can I just say what a good mom you are for actually singing up for the mom and tot class. I keep trying to AVOID it!! sad I know! and also, I absolutely LOVE,{and I MEAN LOVE} yours, and leah's swimming suits!!!! LOVE them!! may I say too, that I think I had the same swim suit when I was leah's exact age. i'll have to find that pic and send it to you (although I think it was more orange!!). Looks like you guys are having a blast. Hope you enjoy your nice cool the pool!! =)

ohmylanta said...

I love Leah's piggy's and the little boy that is struggling with all his might to not be on his back in the pool. Kids are so funny!