Saturday, June 26, 2010

let the wild rumpus start!

reading time at our house is usually quiet and peaceful.

unless ben is in charge of reading time.

he likes to add different words in that get more ridiculous as the book goes on.

their favorite book to read together has led to an emergency bathroom break on more than one occasion for poor caleb.
he has his mother's bladder {which normally holds together just fine until the uncontrollable giggles start}.
this was where ben busted out the word "underpants" which gets caleb every time and we had to pause so he could calm down before things got out of control.

but my favorite part of reading time?
is when ben reads the words
"and Max the king of all wild things was lonely
and wanted to be where where someone loved him best of all"
and caleb always snuggles down close
and says,
"just like my dad loves me."

i hope our King of the wild things
always comes back
to where his supper will be waiting for him...and it will still be hot.


Carrie said...

This melted my heart. That little boy of yours has a smile that lights up a city. He is totally in his element sitting next to his dad to his favorite book. Has he seen the movie?

Rachel H. said...

absolutely sweet. :) Everything about it! :) Thanks for sharing such a precious moment. ;)

Brooke said...

I loved that. Those pictures are priceless. You guys are creating some sweet memories for Caleb. Love ya!!

ohmylanta said...

Great Pictures! Great Dad!

Pamela said...

So sweet!