Monday, July 5, 2010

on freedom.

i know there are a lot of people who disagree with the way this country is run.
{have some quite vocal friends out on the internet.}

but i have to say, i for one am extremely grateful for this country.

no matter who has been elected, i'm grateful for the freedom to elect.

no matter what negative things have been said about my religion, i am grateful for the freedom to worship how i choose.

no matter what others teach their children, i am grateful for the freedom to teach my children what
i believe.

i was given the freedom to live where i want to live, be who i want to be.

it's a country of opportunity, of hope.

and i am
so so grateful for those past & present who have continued to fight, defend and stand up for our freedom.

i'm in the primary presidency at our church and we decided to do a special patriotic sharing time yesterday for the kids and share some stories that integrated God and country.

i spoke about the
battle of valley forge, where george washington was seen kneeling down in prayer in the middle of a forest. pouring his heart out to his God, asking for strength for his soldiers who were tired and weak and losing a battle. and his prayer was heard, and the battle of which his soldiers were so outnumbered, was won.

then i read the account of francis scott key, who wrote "the star spangled banner." i read the words of he & his friend who sat up all night long, watching as their soldiers fought another country in a battle for freedom at fort mchenry. then as the sun started to rise, they waited anxiously to see which flag would be raised on the fort, indicating whether freedom had been won or lost. and when they saw the american flag through smoke and fire, francis scott key pulled out a scrap of paper to write a poem that depicted his gratitude.

as i read the words of that poem to the kids, i couldn't help but fight emotion. these are feelings that i don't understand....that i have never truly felt....because of those who were there, feeling them for me.

our country has flourished and grown and become bigger than anyone could have imagined back in the beginning.

if we forget what has been done for us i am afraid that our emotions can turn from gratitude to entitlement.

i hope we always remember, and never forget.

i am grateful for my freedom.

which in my opinion,
{that i gratefully have the freedom to share}

could not have been accomplished without God.


K Harker said...

Well said! AMEN. You're a very good writer lyns, I love reading your stuff, and not just the funny stuff ;)

Rachel Chick said...

Beautiful Lynsey. I know just how you feel. I get teary even reading what YOU have written about our wonderful country. I love it so much. Thanks for sharing.