Tuesday, July 27, 2010

we interrupt our regularly scheduled programming....

to write a note
to paul, the concierge at our hotel.

dear paul,

you may think that your poofy hair
makes up for the fact

that we reserved and paid for
a king-sized bed

when instead you informed us
that "someone" made a mistake

and all that you had left was a room
with two double beds.

you also may think that giving us a 50% off coupon for breakfast tomorrow
might make you less of a douche


unfortunately for you,
it does not.


your snide comment
made with your condescending eyebrows

when i explained to you that
it was our first night alone in over 5 years

and we probably wouldn't have another night away
for 5 years from now

and that a king-sized bed
is a luxury to us,

your snotty-toned reply was
"just push your beds together then. call it a superbed."

was not appreciated.


we straders know how to make lemonade
out of your lemon-esque rudeness

and decided to take your advice.

so we present to you,

the superbed.

and paul, the adventures that ensued
you can take complete credit for.

thank you for your fabulous idea
though we must admit

that we still don't like you very much.



p.s. just try that insensitive tone on us again and i will karate chop you like this

right on your poofy-haired head.

{i am taking a pause from the lies that bind us series while we are on a vacation in utah for a week. but rest assured, it will be finished.}


Lindsay Jane said...

I LOVE THIS!!! You two are the best.

The Foster Bunch said...

I am laughing like crazy! You guys look like you are having a blast. Something us parents do not get enough of. I am glad you were able to get away you guys totally deserved it!!

Steph said...

Oh my heck... I pretty much love you more than I ever thought I could. You rule.

MandM said...

Ok- I totally need a picture of the poofy hair man now. :) I love you guys and hope you enjoyed your superbed.

Bryn said...

You are hilarious!! I LOVE this post and my goodness Lyns you are beautiful!!! Just thought you should know!

Shellee said...

You're awesome. Too bad the ceilings are so stinkin low, you could have really broke those things in. I hope you left it like that for house keeping. and maybe included a little fort... for poofy hair.

Melissa said...

I wanna come hang out with you and ben. you guys look like a good time! Good for you! And you look stunning Lyns!

Em and Russ said...

You guys rock!!!! I don't take crap like that from the hotel front desk douchebags. No way!!! You should have flipped the mattresses over and left a real note in the room for sir Paul!!!!

Now please limit photos of "your activities while in your hotel room".

You guys are hilarious. And since you are both short, you can jump higher on the beds!!!


Wheat Family said...

Oh you guys got some serious air on that superbed!! You make me laugh and I love your posts. And again you are gorgeous!!

Rachel H. said...

lol!!! Serious jumping abilities! I am impressed! :)

we had the same thing happen to us when we had our last getaway--but we didn't even think to push the beds together dang it!