Friday, July 16, 2010

nap face. bed head.

trick question.....

who has which one??

(if you guessed us both you win a prize.
the prize of being able to spot two rough-looking gals.
congrats, you are a super-talented, amazing human being.)

after finally getting completely un-packed yesterday,
i am re-packing today,
to join my best friend andrea
for another weekend away!

i'm seriously excited
and feel really lucky
to have such thoughtful people in my life,
who make me feel so loved.

and a big ol' shout out to
this handsome devil

{the one on the left, not the right.
though today,
the one on the right fits the "devil" title quite nicely.

3 molars down, one more to go.}

who is taking on the full-time parent role
yet again
to make it all possible.

i love you bennigans!

have a great weekend!!!


Anonymous said...

You are sooo cute! Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend!

Rachel H. said...

HOPE YOUR WEEKEND ROCKED! You have an awesome husband to take on the kiddos alone, and incredible friends to make sure you bring in your big day the right way! :)