Friday, September 17, 2010

so apparently, the 5th time is the charm for MRI's.

well i was trying to wait to write about caleb's MRI because i wanted to upload a couple of videos from the experience that would provide some comic relief, but....clearly i don't know what i'm doing in the "upload your videos & put them on blogger" department.

so, instead i'll just do the same ol' boring pictures-and-writing post.

1)  waking caleb up at 4:45 in the morning to provide a turkey sandwich for him wasn't the easiest thing in the world, but i would definitely do it again if i had to.  he ate about a quarter of a sandwich, part of a pop tart {i just started pushing any food after he didn't eat more of the sandwich} and drank part of a pediasure.  then it was back to bed for us both.

2)  i think that was what made the difference in him not starving until 1pm.  he was able to drink until 11am, and also have popsicles so he pretty much thought he was hot stuff eating as many popsicles as he wanted to until 11.  the day before he had picked out superhero popsicles to give him extra power for the MRI.  i didn't hear one complaint about food, or liquids after those had to be cut off.  he was a serious trooper.

3)  before we left for utah, ben had wanted to give caleb a priesthood blessing, but during all of the craziness we had forgotten.  so luckily, my dad gave both caleb and i blessings.  i was so grateful to be in a home where that was a part of this experience.  there is just something about hearing again that God loves you, is with you and will provide comfort that brings peace like nothing else.  so thank you dad.

we arrived at the hospital, super caleb and i, and got checked in.  just a few minutes later my fabulous SIL allison, who is a nurse & has been a big support during all of caleb's physical issues, showed up for moral support.  i was grateful for her comic relief and her generosity, and also her medical background.  she's one of my favorite people in the world.

{super caleb and aunt allison}

after being checked in we were taken to our temporary room where the IV was going to be administered.  as nervous as i had been the night before, i felt a lot more calm about it as we got ready for it.

i had told caleb everything about the MRI before we had arrived at the hospital except for the IV part.  i knew he would be anxious and hyper-focus on that and it would make things worse.  but when we got in our room, i talked to him about it.

"okay caleb, there is one part that is going to be a little bit hard.  in order to go to sleep and take that long nap we talked about, the nurses need to put some medicine in your body.  and the way to put the medicine in it is through a tube called an IV.  and it's kind of like a shot, and it will go in your hand and and yes it's going to hurt a little bit."

immediately he started to panic a bit.  

"NO!  i don't want a shot!  i don't want to do this!"

but i said,

"hey buddy, i know that this is hard but you are strong enough to do this.  i'm here with you and aunt allison is here with you, and you can squeeze my hand as hard as you need to when it hurts.  but it will only be for a minute, and then it will be over.  so you're going to need to use all of those super powers from your cape to be brave.  you can do this.  you are strong and it's going to be okay."

i do affirmations with caleb a lot.  and they actually work.  and it did this time, where he calmed down and just said quietly, 


the hospital gave caleb a little "buddy" which was a doll dressed in a hospital gown, and he was able to help give his buddy an IV.  

i highly recommend doing this for any kid {who's old enough to understand} having to get an IV because it was a step-by-step that caleb was able to have explained to him.  then he sat in my lap with his head against my chest and his arms wrapped around me, watching a movie to one side, but unable to watch what the nurses were doing on the other.  they were awesome though, explaining things as they went.

"okay caleb, you feel that cold wetness on your hand?  that's just me washing it, just like we washed your buddy's hand.  now we're going to put in the straw....{also known as the "needle" but i guess straw was a more kid-friendly term}"

i braced myself and held him close.

but he didn't even cry.  he yelled twice, in a "ARRRGH!  AAAARRRGGGH!" kind of way, and then it was over.  and they explained to him that now they were putting on his bandage like his buddy now had and the worst part was done.

{just after the IV.  he looks worse than he actually was}

whether it was the cape, the buddy, the pep talk beforehand or the priesthood blessing i don't know, but i'm guessing it was the combination of it all.  he did great and didn't cry one tear throughout the process.

he was given a different sedation this time from the previous 4 times, one that would make him more naturally fall asleep instead of all of a sudden BOOM!  he's lifeless and limp.  

{waiting for the anesthesia to kick in}

so we laid him on the bed for the MRI, and he was administered the sedation meds.  i stroked his forehead and hair, and talked to him until he fell asleep.  

and again, i don't know what it was this time, but i was calm and didn't freak out when they wheeled him in the room.

since i had been fasting up until that point and it was about 2:30pm, allison and i went to get something to eat while the hour-long MRI went on. when we were done we waited in the room until caleb was finished and we went with him to the wake-up-from-sedation room.  {and yes that is its official name.  not really.}

{zonked out.}

he slept for a long time while allison and i kept ourselves busy being dorks and making videos.  finally he woke up, and again...did so great coming out of the anesthesia.  he was really sleepy and said several times that he was "confused" but didn't scream and rage against the machine like he had the other times.  {or like the girl 3 beds down from him was doing.}

{sleeping prince awakens}

we slowly gave him some juice & cookies to make sure his stomach was okay, then took him to the bathroom, waited a few minutes more and then were able to get ready to go.  

 {being fed oreos by his lovely aunt}

the whole thing took about 4 hours and i was extremely grateful that it went smoothly.  

the rest of the night he took it easy, resting for the most part on the couch and watching movies.  i was so proud of his bravery and ability to handle things that scared him.

{a little confused, but ready to go home.}

to not overload any readers with my ability to shove too much info in to this,  i'll write about his diagnosis in my next posting.

***also a huge shout-out to the staff of PCMC.  we love you!

and if you're interested, here's the posting i wrote from caleb's last MRI.


Steph said...

What a brave little guy. And his Mom is pretty amazing too.

sarahbellac said...

You definitely are an amazing mom. And so beautiful! You look like you stepped right out of a photo shoot for the picture with Caleb. You have been such a trooper through all of this. He is lucky to have you and Ben for parents.

Valerie said...

I'm now off to go through your whooooole blog to find the beginning of the story with Caleb. I had no idea anything was going on like this! I guess I wouldn't know, but still.

We've been through some procedures with our son that were traumatic (for me), so my interest is peaked.

You're beautiful and I love following your blog!!!


Kristen said...

Hey Lynsey! I'm so glad that everything went as smoothly as it did. Hooray for the Priesthood, the great nurses, Caleb's cape and the little buddy! That is so great! I am anxious to hear the diagnosis. I hope it's good--at least you have something to work with! I know that not knowing is such a frustration. You house looks amazing! I am so happy for you guys! Does this mean you and Ben are grown up? Ha ha! Love you! Oh and Leah is ADORABLE. I love, love, love the pictures of her face close up--she has beautiful eyes and her curls are so cute!

Marci Ward said...

Lynsey you are amazing. You are super-woman and I know that you were the perfect mother for this little man. I am so impressed at how well you handled this and talked him through it. You deserve a gold star...oh and Caleb too! I'm very interested to read the next post.