Wednesday, September 1, 2010

un-pack to re-pack

my favorite brother just flew in on a jet plane today.  i've spent the last week un-packing our things, and tomorrow morning i get to re-pack them for a week's worth of fun in utah.

tyler & i will be driving down with my two lovely, underage backseat passengers so that caleb can have his scheduled MRI next week.  we could have done it up here, but honestly we have done that before and it turned out to be a jumbled mess, transferring the records from one place and then back again for the consultation with the neurologist.  so we're simplifying things, with another road trip.  doesn't that sound so simple?  you're right it doesn't.  but it's what is going to happen and i planned it that way.  because i just love to function in chaos.

actually there are legitimate reasons to this madness, but i'm too tired right now to expound, and i'm sure people would be bored anyway.  just know that i'm not as insane as i look. 

ben won't be able to make this trip, the future psychologist of america has more pressing matters, so i'm glad that tyler will be my travel buddy.  then my sister was planning on flying to see her best friend in D.C. next weekend, and found that it would be cheaper to fly out from phoenix, so she will be my travel buddy on the way back into town!

even though the purpose of this trip is causing me a bit of anxiety, i'm excited to spend time with my fabulous siblings.  even if we weren't related i would still consider them some of the incredible people i have ever known.  i'm lucky to have them.

well that's all for now.  i'm off to bed so that i can fill the empty suitcases in the morning.  i swear i just emptied them yesterday!  someday i will have my life put together, right?  


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