Wednesday, September 22, 2010

oh, the places he'll go.

so tomorrow, this fella

is going to start school.
after waiting for the move, then the MRI, then the results, then the immunizations, then for us to all get well after the utah plague, then the registration, then hunting all over kingdom come for all of his medical records.....

he. is. READY!

he's extremely excited and i am too.  i think it will be so good for him and that he's going to do great.  it doesn't mean i won't miss him, and that it isn't hard to hand him over to "the world" now.  but i have felt for a long time that school is something that will be good for caleb.  plus after reading an entire reader level 1 book to me yesterday and only getting stuck on two words, i think he is about 6 months from surpassing my skill level.  just kidding.  sort of.

it's a new chapter here at the strader house.  life just keeps moving forward.

and it's good.

you can bet your bottom dollar that there will be some pictures taken tomorrow.

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