Tuesday, April 19, 2011

how can you spot a little sister of a big brother?

you look at the toys she's playing with.

my favorite part is when she had the daddy dinosaur {the t-rex} say to the baby dinosaur, {with a lispy "s"}

 "oh baby dinothaur! you are thoooo BEAUTIFUL!" 

and then the baby dinosaur replied,

"thank you daddy dinothaur! you are a cool printhess!"

then the daddy dinosaur sang the ABC's to the baby dinosaur in a low, growly voice.

then the mommy dinosaur {me} made a silly face at her

and she made one back.


Anonymous said...

CUTE!! My poor son who is younger than my daughter gets the other treatment...makeup and hair and dressed in pretty dresses. Poor boy. But girls playing with dino's is cool! :)

Em and Russ said...

She's a cute kid!!! One of Mirian's favorite toys used to be a plastic Stegosaurus.


Anonymous said...

Such precious days - I'm so glad you're recording them.

ohmylanta said...

So Funny! I imagine that if we had a little boy at this point, he'd be running around in a pink tutu. Still.... girls have to be true to their girlie selves, so that leaves me to wonder.... Has she started swaddling and bottle feeding Baby Dinosaur yet?