Wednesday, April 13, 2011

wish list for this baby

i've been trying for over a week to write a semi-big thing....and each time i sit down and write, something happens that distracts me.  good distractions though, like a phone call from a friend, or spending time with ben.  so i don't mind.  i just don't want to lose my train of thought, but also have to get in "the zone" for it to come out right.

so anyway, here are a couple of things that i've been looking atslashprayingforamiracletohaveitlandonmydoorstep when this baby pops out. 

have i mentioned that i'm now in my last trimester?  holy smokes.  i'm pretty sure i spent 95% of trimester #2 feeling miserable emotionally and physically.  i'm glad that's over, and i'm feeling better all the way around.  

and also what i appreciate about those hard times, is that not only do they pass, {if i let them} but that i always learn something more about myself.  another chance to dig deeper, and come out on the other side with my rough edges a little smoother.

now i get to make up for some lost time and get myself and our house in gear for the wee lassy.  presenting:

the arm's reach co-sleeper.

this is at the top of my list right now.

perfect for middle of the night feedings, and the right combination for me for co-sleeping while actually still being able to get some sleep.  when i've tried to co-sleep with my kids in the past while they're little, i am miserable.  i'm stuck in the middle of the bed with no room to move because ben is paranoid about rolling over the baby, and then i'm so worried that the baby is going to roll off the bed that i prop a pillow barrier on the other side.  and i am cramped and claustrophobic, unable to move in the middle.

this bed hooks safely to your mattress, so that you can sleep next to the baby without worrying about rolling over them, but close enough to be right there.  genius i say!

the swaddleme blanket.

i looked up the miracle blanket, the woombie, and a couple of other swaddle blankets, but this one had the best reviews.  i love that it comes in 3 different types of fabric, and also in bigger sizes.

the babytrend sit 'n stand double plus stroller.

now i know that this is pricey, but like i said, this is a wish list.  we don't have the cash flow for getting my dream, but if i could get a stroller for this time in my life, this is what i would go for.  there have been a lot of times that even having just caleb & leah, i wish i would have purchased a sit & stand stroller.  caleb's legs get sore easily and i've been stuck in the situation at the zoo or aquarium or just in the mall, where i'm having to carry leah so that he can rest for a little while, and then trade off. 

i love that this stroller allows for the ability to put in a carseat while the baby is young, and then change back to fit two sitting kids when needed.

i've also been looking at slings and wraps all over the internet to try to find the perfect combo of safe/easytouse/not crazy expensive, and i am still searching.  let me know if you have one you love, otherwise i'll try to find one & post about it later.

hope everyone is having a great week!!


Anonymous said...

I'm bringing my double stroller down to you this very weekend! So hopefully you can cross at least one thing off your list.

Jessica Marie said...

If you send me your address on Facebook I will totally buy you the swaddleme blanket.

Jessica J

kedwards said...

I bought the swaddleme blankets for Seth and he loved them. They were great and easy to care for. So glad that I bought them.

Anonymous said...

i first bought, then made my pouch slings and they are awesome! I also have a mei tai carrier that is great for the older baby. sounds like you have someone that'll make you a carrier already, but let me know if you want me to do a pouch sling as well.

Anonymous said...

oh, and p.s. the perfect swaddle blankets for AZ are the Aden & Anais muslin blankets. ronan about died of heat stroke in anything else.

Brian & Chelsey said...

LOVE my moby!! Used it most when brax was a baby would be perfect for you to carry babe and run around with Caleb and Leah....send me ur addrss and I will gladly give it to you!! I'm not using it, brax is to big and we have another sling we use...but moby is by far the best for the first id say 6 months at least!

Mills Family said...

When I had Braden the Madison hospital gave the swaddleme blankets, (or something very similar) for the moms to take home. Bet you wish you were still in Rexburg, huh?

SBB said...

I have the Swaddleme blanket. I think I used it once with Isaac. I just made a mei tai baby carrier, and I'm really excited to use it. I used a ring sling with Isaac. I liked it, but I decided to try the Mei Tai because it hurt my back/shoulders/neck to have the strap on only one side. The co_sleeper looks awesome! I want one, too! And a nice double jogging stroller...and a pony.

Marci Ward said...

My friend has that stroller with her 3 boys and it is awesome! She loves it! Good luck with this little one! We are excited for you guys!

Aubrey and Jardan said...

I've tried a zillion baby carrier/sling things, and my FAVORITE is the mei tai! It's amazing, and my sister's mother in law MADE it for me. All the other ones hurt my back because they put too much strain on my shoulders. This one is so comfortable--my back never hurts with it. I thought it would be hard to tie by myself, but it's actually not!

Garry and Mindy said...

I think I need that stroller!!! It just might my life a whole lot easier! Anyway...I got a cheaper version of the Moby for the twins...can't remember the name, but it was hard to use and it stretched out bad. I should've spent the extra $15 dollars for the Moby...or gone without. As for the swaddle blanket, I've never tried it, but with a good blanket swaddling my babies have worked great. They love being swaddled. Good luck in your final trimester! I'm excited for you!