Tuesday, June 7, 2011

before he was the one-armed man, we celebrated.....

these first few days of summer, caleb has been learning how to do everything with one good arm and one broken arm.  i didn't know how much i would be required to do for him....i feel kind of like i have two toddlers instead of a 6 yr. old and a 2 yr. old.  i have to help him go to the bathroom, lift him in and out of the car, help him put toothpaste on his toothbrush, and help him get dressed every day.  

let's not even discuss any craft or writing or things that require him to use scissors.   yikes.

i have to add about 40 more minutes into our morning routine, but we're making it work.  and he's been so good, he hasn't complained once about pain, even when he had to have surgery.  

surgery?  oh that's right.  he actually broke off a piece of his elbow, so he had to have surgery to pin it back together.  he still has pins in his elbow, sticking out, {ew.  even though they're inside the cast & i can't see them, it's just the thought that they're sticking out of his arm} that will require another surgery in about 3 weeks and then another cast.

and he couldn't get a water cast, due to not only the metal pins sticking out of his arm {ew}, but because i guess with an elbow break, water casts are not allowed.  

basically a routine "broken arm" is not routine in the strader household.  


before caleb's elbow met its unfortunate fate with the pavement, he did experience some joy in his life.  starting with birthday celebrations.....

with our little family, the night before the actual day......
{since ben is gone all day on mondays}

the kids and i at red robin on his actual birthday.....

and then his birthday party at peter piper pizza that weekend....

a few pictures that will voluntarily swear you off of cupcakes for the rest of your life....



and the infamous elbow-crushing bike.  
where mom and dad were awesome for a mere 24 hours.....

we're really glad we were able to have a bunch of fun 
before he broke his arm.  

the next week was rough.

missing the last couple of days of school because of the broken arm 
{luckily being able to make it to the kindergarten program and graduation, though}
full of 48 hour vomiting thanks to lortab,
having to put off his MRI for another 6 weeks, 
and weary parents who were up around the clock keeping him on top of his medications.

but we are through the worst of it,
and are grateful for this wonderful 6 year old boy.

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