Sunday, June 12, 2011

whoever said black was slimming...

obviously did not see me today.

 34 weeks.

this morning i woke up and realized i had forgotten to iron the shirt i was supposed to wear to church.  so to save time, i opted for a non-maternity, linen black dress that was very unforgiving as far as material goes.  i was worried each time i sat down that i was going to pop a stitch, and that seams would start unraveling before my very eyes.

luckily that didn't happen.

i was also glad that i had learned my lesson as far as non-maternity nylons go and haven't made that mistake again.   what was i thinking back then??

but this was also the day that i got my first comments of, "any day now, huh?"  and "woah, you do look pregnant!"

which are always so fun for the self-esteem.  i actually don't really care about those comments so much because, well, i am in fact pregnant.  there is a baby growing in there and i am a somewhat compact {kind word for short} individual, so where else is the baby going to show up?

but other than that, how am i feeling?

well surprisingly, much much better than i was a month ago.  or two months ago.  or six months ago.  i had no idea how much the moldy environment of our last house was making me feel seriously miserable.  

so now i just have the normal pregnancy uncomfortable-ness, but not the misery that i felt before we moved.  i'm so grateful for that, and am also grateful that i got the chance to feel the difference before i popped this child out.  because i had sworn off of future children, based solely on how i had felt for 7 months of living.  now?  well, i'm not making any promises....just grateful that i got the opportunity to realize that it wasn't just pregnancy that was making me feel so awful.

6 weeks left, friends!!


The Foster Bunch said...

Whatever you gorgeous girl! I think you look wonderful! Hey I was wondering if you could send me your new address. I wanted to send you a little something for this new baby girl that will soon be coming. I can't believe it is so close. I am so excited for you!!!

Meghan said...

You look fabulous! If it makes you feel any better your face and hair are simply gorgeous. You are so funny...even when you are prego:)

amandamenghini said...

Um, just the fact that you are 34 weeks pregnant and can fit into a non-maternity outfit is amazing. That is usually elastic and drawstring only territory. You look adorable!

Rachel Holloway said...

The fact that you can rock a non-maternity outfit being 6 weeks from delivery is downright unfair. I guess you deserve that though, since you've pretty much been through the ringer the rest of the pregnancy. You truly look incredible.

Brandon and Emily said...

You look gorgeous! As always. I agree with Rachel. By 34 weeks I am hanging out in Brandon's side of the closet.

Anonymous said...

You're so cute Lynsey...I think you look great! :)

ohmylanta said...

You are absolutely gorgeous. I might be inclined to have another baby if I could look as good as you do. :)

So excited for you!