Thursday, June 23, 2011

psychedelic or psycho?

we haven't had new bedding for about 4 years, and i wanted a change.  but a change on a budget is kind of difficult to do, especially knowing that it probably won't be able to be changed for another 4-5 years.  so i dropped the dreams of going all out and compromised for something that would be less expensive and easier to work around.  

ben's only request was not too "froofy" which i thought was fair. 

i tried to keep it simple when it came to the bedding, so that i could change it up at anytime and wouldn't have to work to hard to change out colors.  not sure if the camera is showing the color great, but the blanket and sheets are a light grey.  

i chose something a little more different as the focal point.  i saw this tapestry at urban outfitters and have always loved blues/greens/grays in the bedroom.  it was different, and i was worried that it wouldn't turn out, but i'm really liking it so far.  

then ben called it "psychedelic" and that he loved it because it reminded him of his good ol' hippie-wannabe days in high school.  hmmmmmmm.....

i'm going to change out the lamp shades when i find either some gray or dark blue ones that fit our lamps.  and probably add a couple of teal/blue/gray small pillows when we have the budget for it.

can i say though, that i am having a seriously difficult time with the windows in this place?  all of them are the same...blinds with a cover over the front.  i'd like to add some grey curtains but i'm trying to figure out the best way to do it.

we'll see if i can get creative.

duvet cover from ikea.

sheets & blanket on clearance from target.


Meggan Hayes said...

Mandy was over the shoulder reading while I was perusing this post and said "Wow Mom that thing is really cool!" (speaking of the psychedelic wall handing). So, there's our family vote, we think it's awesome.

campblondie said...

Two thumbs up. I love urban outfitters tapestries, good pick.

Rachel Chick said...

Ooo! I like it. I love things that are unexpected and different and I think the tapestry adds some great color and interest. As for the curtains, I wish I were there and I'd help you make some . . . what are they called? . . . wooden valances to hang up. They're super easy. Just make a wood "box" and then cover it with a little batting and some fabric of choice. --- I wish I could come to you. Or you to me. But this summer, with the heat and the babies,is definitely not the time for trips to Arizona. But hopefully this fall sometime we could make a go of it? We shall see. Our kids need to be friends. Good luck with this month. I'm so excited to meet your new little lady. And I'm really glad that you're getting settled into your new place. --- Try this link for a valance idea. She also gives a link to another blog that gives instructions on some easy ones without using wood. Good luck, lady!