Tuesday, June 21, 2011


leah loooooves playing in the fridge.  

and if it weren't such a waste of money to have her keeping the door open, i would leave her there all day, thoroughly entertained.

but on the days when i bring home a whole lot of groceries and have to clean out the old before putting in the new, i let her "help" me.

on this particular day, she was rearranging things while simultaneously munching on cheese.

i realized i just blogged about my daughter standing in the fridge and eating cheese.
we sure are an exciting bunch around here, aren't we??

sometimes though, i like to remember the daily things my kids do,
their quirkiness.
because i tend to forget.

i also know that in just a few short weeks, these daily things
will probably take a backseat to the new baby in the house.

so i want to remember things like leah playing in the fridge.

it's always a battle of the wills when i'm done & trying to get her to close the door, 
but before the end is near, she's completely content.

p.s. her hair only looks this shagadelic around....73% of the time.  
the rest of the time i actually do her hair.  
but another big-girl haircut is needed and pronto.

p.s.s. in case you missed the announcement, i'll be changing the blog over to private in about a week or so.  if you want an invite, leave a comment!  {not sure why, but a few peeps are saying that blogger isn't letting them comment.  
sorry about that!  leave one here if you need to, or on my facebook page. }


lynsey said...

testing....testing....is this comment thing on??

campblondie said...

I want an invite! And I for one love her hair, however, neither of my girls would ever have their hair done so her's looks absolutely perfect to me.

Kanien said...

I would love an invite. kanien@gmail.com

David and Haylee Skaggs said...

I want an invite too!!! hayleeskaggs@hotmail.com

Brooke said...

I want an invite! brookegilchrist@gmail.com

Nana said...

I would love an invite!! countrymom227@yahoo.com
I just love your blog! And you as a matter of fact!