Monday, December 8, 2008

our weekend

we had a fun, busy weekend. poor ben is doing finals so in between activities he was studying & typing papers. one down, only 8 semesters more to go!

started off on friday with a trip to tempe to work on our application for a grant through the army. we ended up at a mall & found some GREAT deals in a couple of stores that were closing out.

saturday we had dinner with the beckers & then joined them for the phoenix christmas light parade. SO FUN! i was amazed at how much went into the parade, i totally underestimated it. great parking, great seats, great company!

caleb & kali watching the sights. caleb looks like he's crying but he's really just yelling at the top of his lungs in excitement. i'm amazed he had a voice when we got home.

our friends fawn & fran. they are as nice as they are good-looking. sorry we didn't get fran smiling, ben forgot to let him know he was taking their picture.

cute kai chilling with his glow stick.


sunday we had the goldings over to exchange christmas presents & as always, laugh a lot. i have already made myself sick with the leftover yummy dessert (thanks andrea!). of course caleb bawled for 15 minutes when they left. i hope one day he loves his future sister as much as he loves his friends.

ethan & tyler opening their gift from caleb.

i was so excited ethan & tyler gave caleb lite brite!

preston & andrea...we love you guys!

now ben is off studying some more while i work on getting us packed, cleaning out the fridge, & preparing for some real cold in utah!


campblondie said...

Have a good trip to UT! Hope to see you when you get back.

Andrea said... ought to be SHOT! That's all I have to say!! Payback is soooooooo coming!

Trixy Lovelace said...

I hope we're able to round ya'll up for a playdate while you're here! Call me: 263-3403 & let's set it up w/ Lauren & Shellee!

Francis and Fawn Becker said...

Ha! That pic of Fran is soooo funny :) I hope you guys have a great trip to safe & Kali will be looking forward to Jan when she can play with Caleb again. Oh, and tell Ben to enjoy the final Mitch Rapp book because that is my last one until Mr. Flynn writes a new one :(

Mick and Tiff said...

That parade looks pretty fun. I haven't been to a Christmas parade before. We went to zoo lights this year but it was SOOO cold. I like the idea your friend Fran had, not even a coat! I need to have a winter home in AZ! I am getting my christmas card list together and I don't have an address for you. Will you email me please, Even though you will be in UTah by the time I get them out but now you will have some mail when you get home!!! Counting down the days until Christmas eve....