Friday, December 19, 2008

the apple from the tree

sharing a room with caleb for the last week or so has proved to be an experience. the little man is a wild sleeper and not only does he roll around like he is on some permanent grassy knoll heading down a hill, but he talks in his sleep.

last night he woke up 3 times yelling at the top of his lungs that there was a bug on him crawling on his face. i am a blind bat without my contacts in so each time he started yelling i'd get on my hands & knees, totally disoriented, with my eyes about an inch from the carpet searching for this wild toddler-eating bug. each time i would come up empty-handed and he would fall right back asleep.

after the third time, i began to get a little tee'd off. i was exhausted and waking up to his repeated ear-piercing shrieks just about did me in.

but once the morning came, my frustration melted. i recalled being younger with many nights of waking up and staring into the multiple eyes of a big hairy spider just before it crawled onto my face. i would freak out, turn on my light and pick up the nearest shoe vowing to smash it to smithereens. but once the light turned on, i could never find it.

poor lauren had to share a room with me. i remember her always trying to calmly help me by saying "it's okay, it's okay, just lay down."

so i realized that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. along with my height deficiency, caleb has inherited his mother's night terrors. poor little fella is in for a rough ride. just wait until he gets introduced to evil clowns.


Andrea said...

Seriously,hilarious. I am sad that you had to be woken up so many times...but very happy too because it gave me a GREAT laugh!

Lauren Horsley said...

HOLY FLASHBACK! I had totally forgetten about your nightmares! At least Caleb isn't trying to put the puzzle in the puzzle.