Saturday, December 27, 2008

in a nutshell

well christmas has come and gone and with it we have had a lot of fun & overindulgence. we're still in utah and will be for another few days, but here are some highlights of the past couple of weeks.

let's start with the germs, shall we?
  • caleb caught the love bug which consisted of throwing up 11 times in about 12 hours. he lost 2 lbs in that time, and went from looking skinny to resembling a prisoner of war. he has now beefed up his reserves again so that we can't see his ribs when we take off his shirt.
  • ben & i caught this crazy topical hot tub staph infection rash. luckily it didn't end up being too bad but i still have the after-effects which consist of a lot of itching & a vow to never step in another hot tub.
now for christmas eve & day.
  • a fun waffle party at lauren's complete with a lightning mcqueen race track, a fantastic new mirror that i'm so excited to hang up in AZ, ice skates & a little bit of jack black. christmas is not complete without jack black.
  • caroling to our old friends, freezing our rumps on the outside, but warm and fuzzy on the inside with being able to see loved ones & spread some cheer. thanks again tiffany for letting us crash your house & scare your daughter. your family is the greatest. i'm sad we didn't get to taste those cinnamon rolls!
  • to my mom's house for presents, LOTS of yummy snacks, great presents (excluding the hangars :) fun games (we will work on harvesting those beans!), then up until 5 am talking. we are fans of bruce.
  • a christmas nap, then strader family time. kids everywhere, wonderful & thoughtful gifts, catching up with old friends, a massage hour, and peppermint icecream with hot fudge. yum! after that, making fun of carrie hooked on an 8-yr. old's electronics, and laughing until we cried. okay that was just me. i reached a level of hysteria that can only come after a consecutive amount of nights of lost sleep. then a round of sequence with vetos on songs, and ben & i taking the championship.

today we will celebrate 6 years of spending time together & all of the memories that go with it.

we've had a wonderful christmas.

pictures to come, complete with....UNDERPANTS!!! (this was the only thing caleb asked to get for christmas. well my boy, your wish is our command. he didn't know what to do with himself.)


Rachel H. said...

That sounds like a pretty good nutshell! :) jk!

LOTS of fun, and lots of memories. I am glad you shared them. Hope your time continues to be fabulous...

Francis and Fawn Becker said...

Wow I am going to have to tell Kali to double the Caleb prayers! I hope you are all feeling better.

Tui Family said...

Wow! Sounds like you've been busy! Is girls night still a go??? Give me a call! Love ya!

Shellee said...

Not sure what you have planned for your few days left, but maybe we could catch up with you? Here's the dealio, Monday- (my 2yr. old has a cold, fyi) am, with all the kids works, or Tuesday anytime. Pm, after Danny gets off work, we could get together without my kids. I'd love to see you. Oh- Wed. afternoon is open too. 268-0880

garrettandbritt said...

Glad you had a great Christmas! If you head through Mesquite, NV on your way home you should come and visit. We will be here for a month. Let me know I would love to see you.

Mick and Tiff said...

I am so so glad you came caroling to my house! I was hoping you would "crash" my house and you did not scare Addy. It was all lovely. I must admit those cinnamon rolls were quite tasty and I want you to come back so we can have an excuse to make then again. I am glad you had a great Christmas.

Lauren Horsley said...

This was the BEST Christmas I have ever had, and it you were a very large part of that (I mean your presence, not your cute preggo belly which is still tiny compared to Jude's days in utero).

I'm glad you survived it, enjoyed it, and that your sweet child finally got those covetted underpants. Maybe he will consider them so precious that he won't dare wet them!