Monday, December 1, 2008


without further adieu, here are pictures from
twilight take #1

eating at oregano', the food there (along with the dessert) made up for jasper's bad acting. almost. it was amazing.

this was the theater from behind my seat. i thought the girls sitting a row back fell for my fake-out self portrait....when i was really pointing it at them, but the looks on their faces tells me i'm less sneaky than i thought.

thanks for the good time girls!


Rachel H. said...

Looks like a great time! Glad you got to go...oh, and I love your header pic! Very fun and festive!

Andrea said...

Thanks...paybacks are coming!

Doug and Tiff said...

totally agree about the acting. glad you had a great time!!

campblondie said...

Wish I would have joined you. Not really for the movie mind you, but I sure wouldn't mind hookin' up soon.

Joel and Carrie said...

So did you think Jasper looked constipated too? :) I still loved the movie though and I fit in with the rest of the suckers that will go to every one of 'em opening night! I'm a SUCKER!

AL said...

I still think that it is insane that grown women are so gonzo about tween vampire love stories...but any distraction that is fun and just for you is awesome. Glad you had a good time. Maybe when you are up here this month you can expain to me the alure..maybe I will actually convert! Hey, stranger things have happened...I do have a blog! aL