Sunday, December 28, 2008

beating the odds.

for fun, ben & i decided to look up our zodiac sign compatibility and here is what it said:

"Cancer and Leo? Forget it. That means NO. Sometimes things work between you two, sometimes they don't. However, one way or another, good moments tend to turn into bad moments eventually."

yikes! we had a good time laughing at how the odds are stacked up against us. after what feels like 6 really great years, according to this we are up for some rough times. because we all know how 100% fool-proof the zodiac is, we then read each other's signs and made some goals for me to not be boring & emotional & ben to not be pompous & arrogant. then maybe...just maybe...we will make it. hope you can sense the sarcasm here.

on another note, last night we got to go on our first date in over a year and a half. thanks again mom! we went out to dinner, i tried sushi for the first time (see? i'm not boring!) and we compiled a list of things we have learned about marriage.

in 6 years, bensey has learned:

  • never walk in front of your husband up the stairs.
  • always trust him if he says (in a really nice way) "that sweater makes you look frumpy."
  • never utter the words, "our kid will never do that."
  • don't underestimate the power of a date night.
  • if your classes consist of kayacking, backpacking & running, you're probably not going to make a lot of money.
  • never turn down a free basement.
  • don't stay too long, just because it's a free basement.
  • never sign a year contract.
  • you can do anything together for a year, but it may not be easy.
  • a "group home" is really a group you don't want to belong to.
  • hold on to quality moving boxes.
  • the way to a man's heart involves cheese & fresh tortillas.
  • don't complain about your wife vomiting on you when she is in labor.
  • even if it's 1 time out of 20, be grateful for that one time he puts his pants back in his drawer, because it means he is trying.
  • family home evenings can be the funnest night of the week.
  • always use the provided bathroom spray.
  • reading books together can be lot of fun.
  • you can't sleep on the floor of a hospital, it's a fire hazard.
  • doctors don't always know everything.
  • pay attention to where your wife is hanging pictures. there may be a pop quiz later.
  • you don't have to wait for your boxes to be unpacked before your house is fully decorated.
  • it's expensive to travel on december 27th.
  • if you buy a car for $500, it's because it's worth $500.
  • listen to your wife when she says "don't buy a $500 car."
  • guys game nights & girls night outs are healthy for a marriage.
  • quickly disagree when she says she thinks stretch marks are just around the corner.
  • don't air your dirty laundry.
  • you don't need money to be happy.
  • a well-heated & highly-chlorinated hot tub can warm you to the depths of your soul.
  • a poorly-heated & low-chlorinated hot tub can sprout a fun case of folliculitis.
  • be each other's best friend.
  • make a goal to pray together every day.
  • don't read zodiac compatibility websites. because what do they know, anyway???


Brandon and Emily said...

Funny. Brandon and I are Leo and Cancer too. Brandon agrees with the cheese and fresh tortillas. Congrats on 6 years!

Rachel H. said...

CONGRATS, CONGRATS, CONGRATS! Seriously, you are a great couple--zodiak is all wrong. :)

Loved your little lessons. So fun to read.

Francis and Fawn Becker said...

That was funny :) Oh and listen here missy you better not eat sushi can make you very sick when you are pregnant and I need you three as healthy as can be so you can come over and have dinner again!

Andrea said...

Cheese and tortillas...oh you had me laughing with that one...hold on I have to laugh some more..........

SusieQ said...

you are so cute. love it!

Brooke said...

Whenever I'm having a bad day - high fevers, puking, diarrhea, snot nosed kids - I can always count on you guys to pick me up. Thanks and congrats. Love ya both!!

Tui Family said...

You guys crack me up! Yay for you and your date night! I was hoping you'd get a few more in before you left here! Glad you had a good time. =)

Mike and Jenny said...

There are so many of your experiences we have learned too :) I look forward to learning more together with my hubby. Hope you had a great Christmas and it sounds like you did :)

THE LEMONS said...

Hi Lindsey & Ben...

Don't know if you remember me, Heidi Prince from DHS, but I happened upon your blog a few weeks ago, through Emily Dent's blog, and I read about your cute little boy.

That same night I was talking to my husband and he told me of a cute little family he helped at his job for Enterprise at SLC airport that day, and from his story and what I had read from your blog, I showed him your pics on your blog and we concluded it was the same story! My husband recalls helping Ben that day and having admiration for him. Derek (husband) was born with some physical challenges of his own and always has a special place in his heart when he hears of others that have similar trials.

Anyways, a friendly hello! Can't believe it's been 10 years since I've seen you both! We'll keep your little guy in our prayers!


Derek and Heidi Lemon

Lauren Horsley said...

So very very funny. I'm proud to say I understood every single one of those!

I love you two so much - you most definitely the most compatible couple I know so toss that zodiac in the trash (and toss Tyler's in the trash too!).

Here's to SIXTY more!

campblondie said...

I say it's been a very insightful 6 years. Congrats! When ya comin' back for some karaoke?