Friday, December 12, 2008

this is the place.

we're here! we've joined the winter wonderland of chapped lips, cracked hands and consistently rosy cheeks. it's already been so fun to be surrounded by family & i didn't realize how excited i am to get the opportunity to have a white christmas.

i'm sure in 3 weeks we will be anxious to head back to palm trees & 70 degrees. a poet and i didn't even know it. but for now, we are loving it!

will post soon about caleb's appt, but it was some good news.

a happy holidays to all!


Meghan said...

Oh my word...he looks just like Ben in that picture. Can I just call him Mini Ben?

Dana Broderick said...

how fun! enjoy the snow for us. could you email me your dad's address, your mom's and where should I send your C-mas card? Should I wait for you to get back? email me...

Lauren Horsley said...

You better not be anxious to to leave in 3 weeks! You better be HEARTBROKEN!