Wednesday, April 29, 2009

2 month stats

took the little lady to her 2 month check-up yesterday.

weight: 9 lbs, 12 oz. (25%)
height: 22 1/2 in (50%)
head: 15 1/2 cm (40%)

i almost hugged the doctor when he said our baby was on the charts for weight.
we've never had that before and for some reason, it felt so good.
and 50% for height??

she smiled and talked to him the whole time he was gagging, prodding, pushing, rolling and just plain annoying her. never once made a fuss. what a difference from my last baby who screamed his head off when he was just getting undressed & the fun hadn't even started.

still blows my mind that she was in my stomach parts
just 8 short weeks ago making me miserable.

my how time flies.


Jules said...

I would have liked to see the doctor's face if you had hugged him. :)
yay Leah!!

Brian & Chelsey said...

what a cutoe she is!! and that toally sucks about the dang swine flu...what the heck!

Angela said...

Wow! I can't beleive she's two months old all ready. Time does fly! She sure is cute though.