Sunday, April 26, 2009


exciting things going on here. there is a man who attends our church that has to wear a patch over his right eye. clearly not for fun. but today caleb took one look at him and before we could stop him, said loudly,

"oooooooh. a pirate. coooool."

awesome. we know the man heard him, but ben & i pretended that we didn't and just immediately tried to speak over him, by practically yelling,

"okay! time for primary! let's go buddy! it's going to be so much fun! come on, we'll race ya!"

and for the first time, let caleb run in the church halls.

on to the subject of sass...

in the last meeting today i got up to stand in the back for a minute to bounce leah to sleep and caught sight of this sweet little elderly lady on the back row. she uses a walker and an oxygen tank. her back is hunched and her fingers are arthritic. but you know what i noticed?

the hot pink fingernail polish on her nails.

and i thought, now that lady has some sass. i really hope that no matter how old i get, or how much gravity tugs at my old body, i treat myself to a manicure and rock the hot pink polish.

and this sassy couple is going to be showing up on our doorstep tomorrow for 5 days of good times:

yep, that's my brother. respectfully nicknamed "jesus" by my funny--and sassy--cousin shellee. and his wife kirsten. another woman who reeks of sass. her blog (private) never ceases to make me laugh out loud and vomit up my breakfast in the same post. she is painfully honest about her quirks and hands out insults like they're chocolate bunnies. what i mean by that is, you get slammed in her blog (and yes, she uses names so there's no mistaking) and yet you still love her when it's over.


when she highlighted her hair, my dad told her that she and i looked alike, could be twins. obviously he just meant the hair, since kirsten is like 6 feet tall and naturally slender and i am under 5 feet tall and, so what does she say?

and i quote:

"Lynsey, your dad said you and I look like sisters with my new hair color. Except for the height difference and all. I was thinking maybe we're like the twins in that movie with Arnold Swarzenegger and Danny Devito. Eh? Eh? Okay that was mean. You've got like three inches on Danny Devito. At least."

so there she is, sweet as honey kirsten, calling me danny devito. just in case you forgot what he looks like...

what a sass mouth. don't worry, i will seek revenge. maybe i'll make her take her harry, of "harry and the hendersons" body and sleep in leah's crib during her stay.

bring on the sass.


Mike and Jenny said...

LOVE, LOVE the pirate comment and I love even more it wasn't mine because we have had our fair share of embarassing moments like that!!

The Pyne's said...

LOVE it! I agree to everything you said and loved it!

The Pyne's said...

ps conner so would have done the same thing re: pirate! hillarious!

Trixy Lovelace said...

I didn't even recognize Tyler in that pic, I always thought he was a natural blondie like the rest of the bunch. What I DID recogize, was MY comforter from IKEA in another pic. We share great taste in bedding apparently;)

Shellee said...

thats freaking awesome. Say hi to jesus for me. Your sweetly sassy boy looks so much like him.

And just to add to the sassy kid routine... Bre says loudly to some guy working on his car in his own driveway.. "that guys not wearing a shirt, and his back is too dirty, thats gross".

I may re-evaluate walking to school tomorrow.