Thursday, April 9, 2009

sweet pie

caleb has refused to call leah by her name. instead, he calls her sweet pie. no, not sweetie pie. sweet pie. i think it's funny so that is what she's known as around here.

caleb will say things like,
"mom, sweet pie is crying!"

or to her,

"it's okay sweet pie, momma's coming!"

and ben & i have picked it up. i am thinking about changing her birth certificate. no, i am not.

she is still doing much better, sleeps sometimes 6-8 hours STRAIGHT through the night. that means not even getting up to eat. and no, i did not have to use the cry it out method (my opinion is that she is way too young for that stuff still), she just started doing it.

we no longer live with gas drops attached at our hip to constantly drip into her mouth, and no longer have to count how many times she's already gotten gripe water to make sure we don't O.D. her.

she still has trouble pooping on her own (TMI??) and we have to help her sometimes (which we are going to ask the ped about miralax...thanks kanien! i had totally forgotten about that. caleb was on it for like a year & it really does help!) , and still takes like 45 minutes to be fully burped, but otherwise is a smiley, happy baby. praise the heavens!!

so here are a couple of updated pictures of
sweet pie.

***coming soon...adventures in the ER! caleb is a madman dancer & got a little too crazy this time with his breakdancing skills.


Wheat Family said...

She is such a sweet pie!! Glad you get some long stretches of sleep. It is a dream!!

Lyndsie said...

lynsey! she is sooo cute! and i love the story about caleb calling her sweet's fun to see these little boys become big brothers and watch out for their little sisters, huh? i read all about your delivery story...crazy!! but i'm glad that it's over and you're all doing well! and how fun to do a special web/tv program thingy...whatever you like to call it! you're beautiful!! :)

Rachel Chick said...

I'm so happy that your little sweet pie is doing better!!! It makes it so much easier to enjoy those sweet moments -- and I'd imagine that Caleb is happier too. :) Poor Caleb and the ER!!! We've had the opportunity to take a couple of those kind of trips with Lilie, too! Fun times!

Tui Family said...

So funny! Leini is still known as 'baby girl!' since we disagreed on the name for so long! lol At least sweet pie can grow with her as she gets older! =) Glad she's doing better...I'm a little jealous at how good she sleeps! Leini's 9 1/2 months and still waking up every 3 hours! Yuck!

Mike and Jenny said...

Glad she is doing better. Did the gripe water help? She sure is a cutie pie or should I sweet pie :)

Kira said...

Lynsey!!! Congratulations! Leah is ADORABLE. I love her name, that was one of my front runner picks before we named our little one. I didn't realize Leah was your middle name, it fits her perfectly!
How are you doing with life with two? My little girl, Katelyn, is now 7 months and I still feel like I am trying to survive some days, but it is getting easier.
That is too funny that Caleb just calls her "sweet pie". Dawson calls Katelyn, "baby cake."
I love your blog, it is so cute and funny! And may I add that you look fabulous!
I would love to keep in touch. I think if you just click on my name on this comment it takes you to my blog, but I'm not blog savvy. So just in case my blog is:

The Pyne's said...

YAY for lynsey!! I am so happy that all is going better! you are looking FANTASTIC as usual and I'm glad that claeb is not HATING his little sister! It's all sounding GREAT, and I hoped it would be, especially after you worrying if it would be ther same way! Keep up the good work!

Jodi said...

Little Leah is BEAUTIFUL!!! I love these pics. Your kids are so cute! How are you? Your blog is great too.

All is well in Rigby and we miss having you guys here. Hope all is well for you guys. Tell Ben hello.

Brian & Chelsey said...

Sweet pie-I love it! That is so cute!! Leah is totally cute!! and yay for sleep! I think that is the one thing I will miss the very most when ours comes along!

Rachel H. said...

GLORY BE! I am soooo happy for you! What a cutie!

Hannah said...

oh she is such a sweet pie! That's too cute! Brady calls Olivia Miss Livies. He started that right away and still does. Fun times =)You look GREAT by the way!!!

Lauren Horsley said...

cute, Cute, CUTE! I'm glad Caleb's getting to like his little sis and I love the nicname.

BTW, there are MANY of us who's babies don't sleep more than 3 hours at a time until they are like 8 mos. so I would say to count your lucky stars that you have such an awesome baby!

PS - Glad to hear Caleb's foot is not broken!