Tuesday, April 14, 2009

productive girl, interrupted

i have decided lately that the best way for me to feel like i have accomplished something, or even anything during the day, is to set just two goals for myself. they can be the same goals or different ones each day.

today's goals:
  1. exercise
  2. shower

why keep it so simple?

well even though leah is much easier to deal with now, i still feel like--

hold on. she's crying. it's time for her to eat.

...okay, i'm back. so as i was saying, it feels like anytime i try to get anything done--

just a minute. caleb needs a banana.

...alrighty. i get to the end of my day and can sometimes look around & get down on myself for not having the hot dinner waiting for ben, or the house is a mess, or i haven't even brushed my teeth yet---

um, the phone is ringing. be right back.

...as i was saying. it's difficult to feel productive lately. so i decided to simplify it and set two goals so that at the end of the day i have something to pat myself on the back for and say to myself, "well, at least i've showered. or at least i have deoderant on. or i'm just glad that i---

hold on again, caleb needs help after going potty.

...for example. this posting so far has taken me an hour and a half just to get to this point. each night i look back and try to think of how i could use my time more wisely. yes there are times when i sit down and read blogs, but it's rare these days when i even get the chance to comment because i've been interrupted so many times that i can't remember what i was going to say in my comment anyway --

okayyyyy. she's crying again. probably needs to burp for the 40,000th time today.

...so yes, there is some down time that i could give up. but that's difficult to do. when i don't give myself a breather i tend to get more stressed out because i haven't taken a moment for me--

caleb is yelling to me from his quiet time in his room. needs a snack. for the love.

...if you're finding yourself in the same boat i am each day, maybe try to simplify it for yourself. i've realized that by doing this i actually end up getting more accomplished than i plan on. by getting these two seemingly small tasks done, i can end things on a positive note by looking at what i have done instead of what i haven't. and i realize that there is a silver lining that maybe someday there will be a time when i can actually put down 3 goals a day, then 4, then maybe 5 --

oops. time to exercise, otherwise it will never happen.



Garry and Mindy said...

love it! as I type Ellie is making me sing and "doing my hair." Fortunately, your stage doesn't last too long. She'll slowly get into more of a routine and you can find you can actually make dinner or comment on blogs, whichever one you feel is more important. :) Like right now I should be doing dishes and folding laundry, but oops there is a baby that just woke up from his nap. shoot I'd thought he'd sleep longer!

Doug and Tiff said...

well your very talented at multi-tasking, so you should count that as a goal, because me, can't do it!! :) your awesome!

Mike and Jenny said...

I'm impressed exercising is on the list. Shower was just on mine and sometimes I still don't make that goal and Ky is one. Good job, you are wonder woman!!

Mick and Tiff said...

I love that you document things like trying to write a blog post because everything you said is so TRUE!!

But if it makes you feel better, I have only completed one of your goals and it wasn't the shower... Woowee! I better get on that now.

Wheat Family said...

I find that just getting that shower makes me feel more productive...and when I haven't been ABLE to shower, it really makes my day stink.

You are doing a wonderful job, and at least you are posting too, that's 3 goals!! I neglect our blog.for the sake of a shower usually. hehe

Caleb and Leah are lucky to have such a devoted, clever and beautiful mommy!

The Pyne's said...

I LOVE IT!! You are so right....because every day I go to bed thinking, geese, I didn't do this and this and this, oh ya and I didn't do this either. So that's a GREAT idea!! And I just have to say again lynsey, what a great EXAMPLE you are to me!!!! I seriously look up to you in so many ways. And you seem soooo organized and they all have great routines, like caleb has a QUIET time?!!?? what's that supposed to be? I've never even heard of it. Conner's only got one time and lately it's just been time out! AHHHHHH....anywho, that was a great post for me to read today! THANKS!! =)

The Pyne's said...

ps, I was going to say something about episode #2. Loved it, these ladies are great! can't wait to see yours!!

Marci Ward said...

I love your outlook. Having that second baby seems to really kick your pants...or it did mine. SO thanks for being such a great example. I am going to do some goals for tomorrow. Good luck Lyns you are doing such a great job even if doesn't feel like it sometimes!

SusieQ said...

When I make a "To DO" list that I write down, I draw little boxes that I get to check off. When I am really stressed out I will put things like "Blink" or "Breathe" on my list of things to do just so I get to for sure mark off at least one box at the end of the day. Or if I have a million things to do, but I know I will break down and take a nap or watch a show, I put that on the list so I don't feel as guilty about it. "It was on THE LIST!" :)
Love your blog, Lyns!

Randrea said...

haha--it's so true. You should have your own column. I would be a devoted reader...which is saying something because I don't get the newspaper. :)

Clancy Pants said...

Best. Post. Ever.