Sunday, April 5, 2009


so last year through our time at the group home, we had a private blog. we went private because of the nature of what i was writing about, and that way i could be as detailed as i wanted to be about the experiences we went through with the kids.

i've kept it private because we have stayed in contact with some of the kids from the GH and i don't want to them to google search our names & be able to read about themselves. a breach of our contract, i'm sure.

anyway, here is a posting that has nothing to do with the GH kids:

sept. 28, 2007

5 shows that make me want to hurt someone

these shows i REFUSE to let caleb watch because they are too disturbing and i don't want him to get a twisted view of reality...or end up suffering from post traumatic stress disorder because he gets flashbacks of them when he's 25.

1) the doodlebops
2) the wiggles
3) yo gabba gabba

4) teletubbies
5) boo baa (i don't even know what the official title is of this but that's the noise that the crazy things make)


though this posting sparked a little commenter's debate on the blog about "yo gabba gabba," i continually tried to give it a few more chances. but seriously, no matter what music group was behind the making of the show, i couldn't get past its kookiness. or DJ Lance for that matter.

and i present to you, the high kick:

until friday.

on friday the show featured a special guest. a fella that has been a part of my life since ben first introduced me to the movie orange county and i watched him jump over a bush in his underwear (not ben).

jack black.

it was hilarious! did anyone else see it? or even just the previews for it? his dancing makes me crack up in a way that very few things do. and then when he got his own special DJ Lance outfit & said, "i can't believe it FITS." that's classic material right there.

so even though my friends & family can't sway me to the dark side of a drug trip that is the essence of yo gabba gabba....for one day, jack black can.

get to 1:16. you won't regret it, i promise. for such a rotund fella, he sure can dance!

thanks for redeeming yourself, yo gabba gabba. but i can't promise i'll be tuning in on monday.


The Pyne's said...

lynsey! I have seriously never seen this show before! I did think this one with jack black was fun though (Even though I don't know what it's really about). And as for your decorating help, Thanks for nothing!!! JK. I too have to shop cheap. Which is why all of the pillows and curtains were on sell and as for our good will (which I so shop at too!!) has nothing good here! I miss our DI!

The Pyne's said...

ps...I was going to tell you how good you decorate, so I was surprised you didn't have a lot to say about my desperate need for help! Thanks anyways....I'll post pictures when it's all done (If I ever find what I want)

Kanien said...

That was so funny, thanks for sharing the video. How is your sweet baby doing? I hope she gave you another day full of sleep and cuteness. I know this is kind of lame, but we had a lot of problems with Marcella and now Claire and constipation. Ask your Dr. about giving her Miralax. We give it to Claire about every day or so and it seriously is amazing. You just mix it in with the formula. I hate doing the suppositories. It is so sad. I hope the rest of your weekend has gone well for you.

Erika said...

Seriously that made me laugh harder than it really deserved but Jack Black kills me, I love him. Thanks!

Shellee said...

you made my day.

Joel and Carrie said...

Ya Gabba Gabba is the only show I feel that gets me. We're on the same wave length. :)

Lauren Horsley said...

How can something so very messed up also be so very hilarious? I can imagine, as he hopped up on that hog in his sexy orange unitard, placed that hairy hat on top of his helmet and rode of that weird long table with it's billowy table cloth (with DJ Lance looming above like the Overlord of Freakville) that he thought to himself "This is the proudest moment of my career. It just don't get any better!"