Thursday, April 16, 2009

you can always tell how the day is going by whether or not the bed is made.

i often tell this to ben.

and i also add,

"so if you walk in the door, and you can see that the bed isn't made yet, and it's 4pm...don't even ask if you can help. just come on in, put your game face on, and start helping."

and you know what the best part is?

yesterday, he did just that.

what a good guy.


Kira said...

I gave up making my bed a long time ago. When I actually do make it, either a kid or the dog is up in it 2 seconds later messing it all up, so why bother.
I saw those episodes. How cool is that!!! I can't wait to see yours!

Wheat Family said...

By the time I noticed I didn't make the bed it is time to get back in it!

So nice of Ben to notice your day and jump on in!

ohmylanta said...

Yeah well - at least he comes home to a positive woman with a great sense of humor!! Seriously...not every woman is as cute and smiley as you are - he could have been stuck with a real grouch! :)

Let's admit here that when my hubby comes home to find the bed made.....he knows it's been a REALLY productive day.

The Pyne's said...

um lynsey.... I hardly ever make the bed. As a matter of fact I've tried to make it a goal, but it hasn't really stuck yet.

and as for your easter post, I LOVED it!!! Atleast you even did an egg hunt! We just sat the baskets out on the couch out in the open. and we never buy easter mom does though. and they didn't even show up till after easter sunday. so of course I'll still take pictures of them in their new outfits, and hope to post it too (one day!).

and um you are so NOT a bad mom. I think I've already won that award. I planned on making the easter cookies, but never did. no egg hunt, no dinner with friends or kids to play with. so you are way ahead of me. Conner would LOVE friends, but I'm just a scaredy cat with severe anxiety issues who is depriving her children of living a NORMAL life! so there! what do you say to that?!?!

oh and LOVED the picture of the kids TOGETHER!!! way cute!

MARIE said...

I ALWAYS make the bed. So if I didn't.... somethin's goin' on! And that's right... don't you dare ask IF you can help... just do something... quick!
Love it!