Sunday, May 23, 2010

#46, the little guy with the big heart

well, one soccer season down, a tramillion more to go!

when we signed him up, we were wondering how caleb would deal with
getting involved in the game and being able to handle defeat.
we were pleasantly surprised to see that he is pretty darn fearless and tries his hardest.

giving us a wave.

chasing the ball, #46.

he even volunteered to be goalie for a bit, that is until he got popped in the face with the ball and cried his eyes out.
but after a lot of encouragement from his dad he even ran back in and finished being goalie.

even though he wasn't the youngest on the team, he was the smallest.
and we love him just the way he is.
besides, has anyone seen "rudy?" big things happened for that little guy with the big heart.
i still tear up at the end.

all the way on the left, listening to his coach.

he made quick friends with his team-mates and was constantly yelling out run! run! run! in an excited voice as soon as the ball hit the field.

he earned his good sportsmanship medal and hasn't been without it for the past 48 hours.
he even wore it to his friend's birthday party yesterday and took it to bed tonight.

we had so much fun at his games and will definitely be doing it again next year.
way to go mr. c!

the color coordination going on with leah & i was not on purpose...
some moms roll like that, but normally i do not.


The Pyne's said...

lynsey, you are GORGEOUS as always and that little caleb is seriously outdoing himself. He is totally going to make out there in the big, big world.....conner on the other hand, I'm getting a little worried about!! I'll have to try him in soccer and see if that helps him out at all with his social retartedness that he oh so gets from his parents. anywho, he is seriously growing up so fast, and how adorable can your children get?!!??! I could just pinch little leah's cheeks and smiler forever at caleb. Glad to see things are so good!! Miss you guys!! It's been awhile, maybe I should call you and actually talk to you on the phone!!! =)

ohmylanta said...

You are such a cute soccer mom Lyns! I think sports are SO good for the little ones. What time are the games? 7am? Isn't it about 85 degrees by then?