Monday, May 31, 2010

friends like this

don't come along every day.


andrea is the type of friend that every girl should have.  

hilarious, outgoing, kind, generous, thoughtful, loyal, and the type of person that quietly helps me to better myself.  not only that but she has a heart that no matter what is going on in her life, never stops caring.  i have never met someone so willing to work so hard to do what is right.  she's also an amazing mother to her two cute boys.  she listens to my vents and heartaches and has never given up on me.   
(or if she has she hasn't let on.)

i know you are probably extremely embarrassed right now drizz, so i will stop. 

even though i could continue on and on, i won't.

we've been friends for almost 7 years now and she is someone who has put me up to many shenanigans, including:

--having a girls' night where she provided mu mu's from thrift stores (that may or may not have smelled like urine)  and not only did we wear them, but took some pictures that will be forever locked up in a vault.  only to be opened if i am in need of a reason to blackmail her.
--driving by and possibly committing an illegal action (details also locked in a vault) surrounding a certain member of a certain 12 men in a certain church who at a certain time was a certain president of a certain university.  though i want you to know i was just an innocent backseat passenger.
--talking me into making commitments that i am NOT excited about but that are SO good for 6 days a week for 60 minutes on the treadmill for 30 days, and starting tomorrow absolutely NO sugar for 30 days.  expect a few grumpy posts to follow.
--doing a photo shoot in the middle of a movie theater where we act like total morons. 
--taught me how to walk in big girl shoes, introduced to me to the spray tan (only experienced this once but am not against doing it again), and is my make-up and skin care go-to gal.

don't be mad about these pictures i posted, 
and if you bust out the gray t-shirt picture i will GET YOU.

 (if we had an engagement picture i think it would look something like this...except maybe without my head looking 4 times bigger than hers.)

thanks for 7 years of friendship, i love ya!


Andrea said...

This was shocking. I wasn't prepared for it and it made me cry. In a good way. I love you and your "big head." I joke. I think your head is very average :) I am inspired by you daily and I am just certain that our friendship back in Rexburg was meant to be.
My life is better ( and I mean, much much much better) from knowing you. And really, if we were getting engaged don't you think we'd at least spring for the black and white??

Andrea said...

And I would just like to state for the record...
1. I too was innocent in the whole criminal activity of which you mentioned. Yes, I was driving the "get away car" but I had no idea that *i**s*y was going to do that. NO IDEA!!!!!
2. I too have only spray tanned once. Just didn't want the peeps to think I was turing into the next Ooompa Loompa
3. The moo thing we've ever done.
4. The strange challenges I force you to try with me - Like Ben said "unrighteous dominion." :)