Wednesday, May 5, 2010

splashing away the cranky.

since we're on an energy-saving, money-saving plan here in the devil's crotch {sorry for the crass-ness, but seriously. that's the only description that comes to mind when things heat up around AZ.} which prohibits us from running our AC between the hours of 12pm-7pm, right around 4pm we all get overheated and super cranky.

starting with me.

i don't want to cook, clean, play, wear clothes, laugh, blink, think....or move.

luckily our complex has a fabulous pool that is never over-crowded. but some times being the only adult with two kids who do not know how to swim {YES caleb will be taking swimming lessons this summer. remember how i didn't have a car last summer? that's my excuse and i'm sticking to it.} can be kind of overwhelming.

especially when i can't touch the bottom in half of the pool. {of course it had to be one of those deepest-in-the-middle type pools. short people hate those.}

ummmmm. spare me the short jokes.
call a friend instead, because i've probably heard them all.

anyway, about a 5 minute drive from our house is a really great park with a splash pad.
so instead of water wings, life jackets & a quick review of my CPR skills,
all we had to do was grease ourselves up in sunblock {see shiny, pasty-skinned leah below. i coat the stuff on thick!},
call a friend and grab a towel.

here is caleb anticipating the fun. and asking me over and over and over and over when we were going to leave. to which i mustered up my best mothering skills and said, "when i am done taking pictures of you!" {see what i mean? c.r.a.n.k.y.}

it was leah's first splash pad experience and i wasn't quite sure what she would think.

but she barreled through it just like she does everything else. the girl is fearless.

fearless i tell you!

here she is ready to charge.

if i had known then what i know now, i would have dismissed the light skirt/t-shirt combo i had on and just worn a swim suit myself.
leah kept plowing right into the middle of the sprinklers and then stand there shocked that she was getting sprayed in the face, unable to move.

which is when i would have to walk in to grab her hand and lead her outside of the middle.

which is when she would turn right around and go back in.

which is when i would get completely drenched and wish for my lovely swimsuit sitting tucked safely inside my drawer at home.

caleb had a great time with his cute gal pal eve {whom we secretly hope he will marry someday}.

and we all returned home refreshed, happy, hungry, and most importantly...

cooled off.

and this is just really our first day of high 90's temps.

oy to the vey.

my overheated cranky voice has told me that we will be visiting the splash pad park quite often.


S and RA Beazer said...

Looks fun, next time come better dressed. I am sure that skimpy bikini will look excellent, should you actually take it out of the drawer and don it. LOL. FYI: It got up to a balmy 48 with a wind chill of ?? and felt like -48. Enjoy it while you can. You could live in chilly potato land.

Fawn Becker said...

So fun there! And, I also made the mistake of wearing a white t-shirt was like Spring Break in Puerto Valleta! Okay, I made that part up but it was pretty see thru :)

Rachel Chick said...

What truly beautiful, brown-eyed children you two make! I love Leah's lips in that top picture. :) Can I come play with you?? Seriously, if I had the dough, I would fly down there every day of the week . . . or at least twice, to play in the sun with you. I'm genuinely jealous, even though you're melting. It's been unseasonably cold the past two weeks or so and I think we could all use a good tan. :)

The Pyne's said...

I want a SPLASH pad by my house!!! That is the coolest thing I have ever seen, because yes, I too would be totally overwhelmed with the swimming and 2 kids who can't swim, so that is a PERFECT place to go. Although we have now dived back down to the 60's for today, the last week was in the 80's, so I know what you mean about it already getting HOT!!! and LOVE the random pictures from your last month. I am telling are a natural at photography. I'd pay you to take pictures of my kids anyday!!! hope all is well!! =)

ohmylanta said...

Oh jeesh. I had a lay over in Arizona once. I was so miserable just sitting in the airport. I distinctly remember thinking - 'who in their right mind would choose to live here?'

You are a tough gal if you can get through the hottest hours of the day without AC. Glad you've got a splash park for relief!

Oh.... and seriously, I thought I had dibs on that cute Caleb boy of yours! I do have darling daughters you know. But they definitely don't have dark chocolaty hair and olive skin....who can compete with that anyway?

lynsey said...

the answer jocelyn (ohmylanta),

is that NO ONE in their right mind chooses to live here! that's why ben chose to get his doctorate in psychology in phoenix....the heat is out of control & has made everyone crazy! which will eventually be money straight into ben's pocket. (that is, unless the heat has gotten to him by that point too. :)