Monday, May 17, 2010

365 days in the making

from the moment caleb turned 4 last year, all we heard alllll year long from him was,

"i can't wait until i'm 5!"

over and over we were informed that once he hit the big 5, his life would basically begin.

it was the year that he would be able to go to school {i tried my best not to take it personally that he was so elated to leave}, the year that he would run faster, grow taller, and just more amazing.

his birthday was technically yesterday and we were stuck in a car for about 12 hours driving back from utah to arizona. but luckily we were able to celebrate his birthday with all of our family while we were on our trip.

first up was a day out with nana, {my mom} who took him to jungle jim's playland where he got to ride rides and use up tokens until he couldn't think straight. then we went to lunch & then off to toys 'r us where nana let caleb pick out two special presents that he has begged me all morning to open. {i just need to unpack & clean before i am ready to get out something with a bazillion tiny pieces for him to spread out everywhere.} i was my usual botard self and forgot my camera dang it all.

then on saturday we decided to throw him a little party at my dad's house. he had a great time with a caterpillar cake, balloons and of course playing with his cousins. such a fun party.
there are a lot of moms out there who don't want their kids to grow up. while i understand what they mean, i actually feel quite the opposite.

i think it has something to do with living in fear during his first two years that he may never make it to age 5. not knowing if he would walk, or be healthy, or function as a "normal" kid takes its toll. i looked forward to each day that he grew bigger, and older and was grateful that God had given us more moments with him.

caleb knocked me off of my feet as a first-time mother, but taught me the true meaning of gratitude and the true meaning of joy. he changed me, and taught me and pushed me to find strength i didn't know i even had.

i love that we have had another year with caleb, full of laughter and memories and being able to watch him grow up and learn.
i love his sweet personality {though he can be quite fiesty some times}, and gregarious attitude about life in general. i love that he can be bossy and tells knock-knock jokes that don't make sense. i love that he has a soft heart and makes up kung fu moves and still loves music. i love that he adores his friends and always tries to be kind to them. i love that he gets the crazy-tired-giggles just like his mom and we can lay in bed for 10 minutes or more just laughing at each other with tears streaming down our cheeks. i even love that he argues with me and can be a total stinker at times.

because i love that he just

he is happy, and healthy. and there's nothing more that i could ask for then that....the rest is just green icing on a caterpillar cupcake.

and he is 5.

we are so grateful for you caleb, and love you so much.

happy birthday big kid!
hope this year is all that you expect and more!


Rachel H. said...

SO sweet. Seriously can't believe the little guy is 5! I can' still remember your baby shower!!!

The Pyne's said...

so tell me the truth.....did you make the cake or did ben?!?!!? because it is ADORABLE!!! LOVE the idea! and um was totally almost in tears because of your incredible way of writing and your love for your kids. Is it sad that I don't always feel this way?!?! I LOVE my kids, but they sure do get on my nerves alot!!! I just must not be as good of a mother as you or something.....

anywho, HAPPY B-DAY little man!!! I can't believe they are 5 this year. CRAZY!!! =)

lynsey said...

oops! forgot to put on the blog that my sister made the caterpillar cake...i was going to buy one but she stepped in to save the day. thanks again, lauren!

S and RA Beazer said...

Sounds like the it was all so fun.

Garry and Mindy said...

What a cute kid! Sounds like you (he) had lots of fun!