Friday, May 21, 2010

days like these

i woke up this morning to my 3 favorite people.

caleb bouncing around on his own version of this:

and now making me call him caleb-5-years-old-bouncing-frog-boy

leah proudly displaying her new tooth that has taken several restless nights to pop through, laughing and clapping at her 5-years-old-bouncing-frog-brother

and ben, offering to make me breakfast.

a couple of great phone conversations with people i love,

and after we went out for a morning family swim, to get cool before the 100 temps sweltered in.

then off to school went ben, leah for a nap, caleb for a quiet time and me on the treadmill to burn off some calories and empower myself.

now we are playing, bouncing, dancing, clapping, singing and laughing. soon to head out for some type of a bug finding adventure led by the 5-years-old-bouncing-frog-boy.

and i am grateful for days like these, where i can be able to watch the product of something i have helped to create.

a family.

and on days like these,

i choose to look for the good.

and be happy.

***and p.s. to those who posted that they want to see some baby comparison pics of ben & leah, i don't own any of ben as a baby BUT will see if i can get a couple of them emailed to me so you can see what i'm talking about!

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Rachel H. said...

and you make it all sound soooo happy. :)

Thanks for your email...I totally relate. I do. :)You are such an inspiration. Love it. :)