Tuesday, May 18, 2010

at almost 15 months she can....

{for my personal family history}

make animal sounds for: dog, cat, cow, horse, sheep, monkey, duck, owl, elephant, chicken, rooster, alligator, lion, fish, tiger, rabbit, snake, bird, pig, dolphin
hi, apple, bye, dad, mom, leah, bath, up, down, no, cracker, baby, ee-i-ee-i-oh, pop, night-night, ball, shoes, go! go! go!, stop, uh-oh, choo-choo, potty, what?, cat, trees, papa, bear, doll
two word sentences:
hi dad, bye dad, baby leah, go bye-bye, eat cracker
do signs for:
more, eat, all done, stop, go, baby, drink, bath, train, book, read, mom, dad, potty, fish, papa/grandpa, nana/grandma, doll
sings: popcorn popping, ABCs, old mcdonald, itsy bitsy spider, patty-cake, i don't want to live on the moon, twinkle twinkle
can find her:
nose, mouth, eyes, hair, belly, fingers, toes

loves: her hippo, to dance, to sing, baths, reading books, swimming, other children, hugging caleb, pinching caleb, goldfish crackers, to pretty much do whatever we're doing
is not great at: sleeping. she loves to stay awake. or riding in the car for long amounts of time. it's a struggle for us all. being confined by anything...whether it's trying to get her dressed, or strapping her into a swing or carseat or stroller, it becomes a battle of the wills.
looks exactly like: a girl version of her dad. {seriously, we looked at ben's baby pictures last weekend and it kind of freaked me out! she is his female carbon copy. such beautiful, brown happy eyes. i love it!}


Rachel H. said...

I wanna see this photo comparison!! Just for fun! :) She's a beauty...and it's so fun to look at all her little milestones! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm with Rachel - Leah is so feminine and totally reminds me of you so I would love to see the baby Ben in her!

Meghan said...

Please scan in some photos of little Ben at 15 months! I love comparison shots! She sure is a cutie and so SMART!

Mills Family said...

Wow!! I am so impressed with all she can say! My Braden is the same age and says - well nothing. He does sign more and drink when we beg it out of him, and everything says meow or ruff. So, very impressive little gal you have on your hands. I think girls are just all around smarter to begin with anyway!