Monday, October 4, 2010

did you hear about the morgans?

according to hollywood, the morgans look like this:

but in real life, the morgans actually look like this:


this weekend the morgans became our first official visitors in our new house.
and oh my goodness did we have a good time.

the morgans know how to party at the phoenix artwalk.

the morgans know how to help build fantastic forts.

and they know how to provide musical accompaniment while those fantastic forts are being constructed.

they know how to have a dang good time at a swimming pool.

the morgans know how to relax and watch movies during cousin sleepovers.

they know how to slide down slides,



and make sand angels,


pose with awesome expressions for pictures,


indulge a toddler's obsession with their yellow shoes,

and say good-bye.



we had such a fun time with the morgans and hope they come back soon!


Steph said...

Oh what a sweet post. It makes me want the Morgans to come visit me.

Rachel H. said...

So much fun!!!

And hey, you're looking like HOOOOOOT stuff! (that is meant to be read as HOT not HOOT). LOL Seriously, you're looking fabulous! :)Love that shirt you're wearing!

Brooke said...

You, my lady, are beautiful!! You must be doing something right - because you look AMAZING!! Send me some of your inspiration, would ya? Love yas!!

AL said...

We are pretty awesome and so are you guys! Good thing Ben's nurse sister was there to take care of him after his stroke during the Artwalk (look at his photo)! Can't wait to do it again! Love yas~ Al