Tuesday, October 12, 2010

what's been going on around here? a whole lot of nothin'.

it's "fall break" for caleb at school, which has brought about several things:

a)  my indignation.  where in the H was my fall break when i was in school?  i sure could have used that back then.  5 less days of junior high?  where do i sign?

b)  my laziness.  i pretty much stayed in my pj's until about 2pm today.  because i had no other school moms to impress.  ha!  like i ever get dressed for them anyway.  95% of the mornings i walk caleb proudly up to the kindergarten gate in my flannel pjs & old t-shirt.  i think once i may have had toothpaste covering up a lovely facial blemish.  { just wanting them to get to know the real me, you know.  no pretensions.  or i'm just lazy.}

c)  my redemption.  i now need to redeem myself for the rest of the week with crafts, adventures about the town and fabulously creative ideas.  so that i can still be in the running to become america's next top mom.

d)  my never-ending gratitude.  the un-fantastically hot state of arizona decided to have a pow-wow with whatever PTA committee started this "fall break" and drop its temps below the 100's at the same time.  NOT A MOMENT TOO SOON, ARIZONA.  IT'S ONLY MID-OCTOBER.  now if only we could get the community pool owners to re-open their dang swimming pools we would be set.  why are they closed anyway?  who thought this was a good idea?  who in their right mind is not still sweating in 97 degrees?  afraid hypothermia might set in once you reach the lukewarm chlorinated water?  brrrrrrrr.

e)  my lack of imagination.  basically this is just a post about how there's not a whole lot going on around here.  part of me wants to change that, but another part of me says "live it up!  lay around!" so i guess we'll just see who i listen to.

happy fall break everyone!


K Harker said...

Fall break, I KNOW! Why didn't we get one? If you lived in Idaho you got it so you could go pick potatoes. I was one state over, bummer.

C has next monday and tuesday off school for said "fall break" nice except....
E has next Monday off (for parent teacher conferences) then school Tues and Wed then her fall break is thurs fri. LAME!

Okay I'm done venting.

Glad you had a lazy day today.

Rachel H. said...

fall break?! that basically sounds amazing. Wish I had one myself... :)