Sunday, October 17, 2010

late saturday morning

for almost 3 years now i've been praying for a morning like this.

crepes and fresh fruit for breakfast.

everyone still in pj's.  
{except for dad, who was only dressed in "normal clothes" so he could quickly roll out our garbage can in a race to beat the garbage man before he made it to our house.}

a collection of blankets spread across the floor.

a danceparty/screamfest/wrestlemania/hugpuddle/spontaneousleahinspectingcaleb'steeth moment.

when working & living at the group home, i longed for a late saturday morning 
with just my little family 
where i could do whatever i wanted.

then when we moved to arizona and ben started working weekends 
i found myself longing for it even more.

and it's finally here.

with a changing schedule every 6 months,
i don't know how long it will last

but i didn't want this morning to go un-noticed and un-noted.

because i am so grateful and wanted to never forget.

it's these simple moments
that can feel so un-simple
when you've waited a long time to get them.


Megan said...

Love love love! Your so great! Cutest kids ever.

Carrie said...

All about perspective. I love this. Not to mention I could eat those two adorable kids alive!