Saturday, October 30, 2010

a party fit for superheroes and jedis.

i've been friends with marielle since high school and was so excited to hear that she & her cute family also ended up in arizona...and now we live about 10 minutes away from her.  she & her husband scott were nice enough to invite us & another HS friend & his family over for a Halloween party.  

unfortunately, the other family couldn't make it since the lovely strep throat plague had hit their daughter.  but we jedis still went over in full costume for some delicious food and fun times.  

yes in case you're wondering, i am wearing the yoda toddler costume as a shirt.  i just couldn't justify the $ for the adult-sized one, so when i found the smaller version {designed to fit a 1-2 yr old} on sale, i went for it.  my aim is to use halloween as my opportunity to look as foolish as possible.  i think green is my new signature color.  who needs crest whitestrips?  just paint your face green and bam!  your teeth look as bright white as when they first popped through your gums.

marielle's family dressed up as different superheroes and their boys kept us laughing with their superhero poses.  and scott's props came in handy, the boys played with them all night long.  i'm pretty sure all our kids will be getting for christmas is a bunch of socks wrapped up to look like sausages. 

as you can see toward the end of the pictures, princess leah wasn't feeling well.  poor little girl, we were hoping she'd be feeling better but she wasn't.  i was actually really happy that we'd dressed up since it will probably be the one time our family will be going out together.  

with leah sick, she's going to stay home & ben & i will be switching off cavorting darth vadar around to shamelessly beg for sugared snacks....which we will then get to watch collect dust in our cupboards to be re-used for next year's candy to hand out to unsuspecting children.  

we are totally that family.

thanks rasmussens {pronounced completely incorrectly, just for fun} for the great party! 


Fawn Becker said...

LOVE your costumes!

S and RA Beazer said...

The perfect family, especially that princess Leia. she oughta been in movies.

Em and Russ said...

Found the picture of Ben I was looking for!!!!

Megan said...

Your little girl is scrumptious. I could eat her and her cute little pig-tails up!!

Carrie said...

Your family could easily remake the movies. :) Please tell me you talked like Yoda all day.

Cuddlydoll said...

Yeah! I made the blog! I feel so special. Those are great pictures.

Thanks for coming over. We had a great time.

ohmylanta said...

HA HA HA.... love it!! I especially love the family theme. Man, if I could ever get my family to stick to one theme!...

You know Lyns, I think you and I used the same green face paint this year. You know what I heard? I heard that if you use green eye shadow you don't have to fret over the blending issue. So there is next years tip.

I do have to say that I am your pea in the pod when it comes to looking ridiculous at Halloween. So much fun! he he he

Erika said...

You take the best pictures! I loved your costumes, and like the person above said I could eat Leah right up. I think it's awesome you wore a toddler Yoda costume.