Thursday, January 22, 2009

a healthy addiction

first of all, thank you to all for your kind words & advice from the last post. even though i don't want others to have a hard time with potty-training just so we can all be miserable together, it does make me feel better that i am not the only one. i was thinking that everyone else was finding it smooth sailing while i was stranded out on the rocky shores without a paddle. so thanks for helping me through this!

we are still at it and i must say, it's getting better. at least the constant crying has stopped. (his, not mine. :) caleb is one who will push until you are sure you're going to break, then when you continue to dig in your feet, he finally caves. lucky for me i had lots of practice with this at the group home.

ben & i feel like saying to him, "friend, until you have threatened my life with a knife, or a hockey stick, or one of your crutches, this is cake." but we don't want to put any ideas into his head.

on another subject.

for the past couple of weeks i have been in, more obsessed with this:

i consider this a somewhat healthy obsession. well at least i did, until i realized a few days ago that i get a little possessive of it.

the other night we were nearing the end of the carton. i was pouring myself a glass as ben walked into the kitchen & said, "ooh! pour me some too."

normally that is no big deal but i stared into the carton, looking at what was left like gollum looked at the ring that took his soul.

the soy milk called to me. it wanted me. it needed me. i was greedy.

i poured the rest of the carton into my cup and told ben i would share it with him.

but the precious took over.

i gulped and gulped until there was like two sips left for ben.

he looked at me, standing there with guilty eyes and cheeks full of chocolate soymilk and said,
"nice sharing, babe."

and i started laughing. so hard in fact, that i sprayed chocolate soymilk all over myself, and it came snorting out of my nose. both nostrils.

luckily i was close to the kitchen sink, but still, it was a mess. and i lost most of the precious soymilk i had been so selfish with because i have no self-control.

you'd think i would have learned my lesson from that experience. but ben walked in from the store last night with a new carton and i have to say, i felt that same greedy little voice lovingly purr in my head, "my prrrrrreccccioussss."

is potty-training my only problem? clearly, it is not.

introducing... a girl with issues.


Francis and Fawn Becker said...

That was sooo funny! I am still laughing as I am typing :)

MARIE said...

I'm questioning.... why SOY? Is Soy so much better than just regular milk? and why? and does it taste better because I have this faint memory of Soy milk not tasting fabulous. I hope it's ok for me to question about your 'precious'... ( :

Tui Family said...

You are hilarious! Although I have to admit, I can totally relate. Chocolate soymilk is the best! I told Kas she wouldn't like it...but then she snuck a swig straight from the carton, and it was all over. Now I just try to hide it on the top shelf where she won't see it, and drink it after she goes to bed! hehe

Tami said...

Love it! You are so funny. I've never tried it, so I'm going to have to buy some. I feel the same about Diet Coke. I gotta have it!